Clinical Assessment Recommendations

Joy MacDermid, Gary Solomon, Kristin Valdes
American Society of Hand Therapists, 2015 - 80 páginas
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The third edition of the Clinical Assessment Recommendations contains printed chapters, which cover materials unlikely to require frequent updating, such as assessment of edema, grip, pinch, pain, range of motion and sensibility.CAR also includes digital chapters, which cover the body of evidence on outcome measures and diagnosis-specific assessments, such as those related to the osteoarthritic hand, sympathetic function, tendon repairs, the burned hand, manual strength testing and presenteeism. The online component also includes expanded content from the chapters printed in the book, including reliability and validity data, additional testing techniques and extensive photo guides. This includes topics that are still seeing developments, and so may need to be updated over time. The expanded content in the digital book includes figures and tables, and more detailed testing techniques.

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