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P.K. Row Bros., 1900 - Dictionaries and encyclopedias - 901 pages
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Page 42 - The clear and obvious intent of the restriction in question, as well as of the corresponding legislative enactments, being to defeat improper alienations to the prejudice of the rights of the Government or of the successor to the estate, it follows by a common rule of construction, that such alienations are voidable on the determination of the interest of the person who makes them.
Page 819 - A tuft or lock of hair left on the crown of the head; a peacock's crest or comb; a flame; top, tip, point, summit; a branch; a ray of light.
Page 253 - A small body of troops ( a subdivision of wjKf ), consisting of 27 chariots, as many elephants, 81 horses and 135 foot.
Page 692 - Painting, loss of consciousness or sense ; ignorance, folly, foolishness ; it is applied especially to that spiritual ignorance which leads men to believe in the reality of worldly objects, and to addict themselves to mundane or sensual enjoyment...
Page 52 - U regarded as the highest pattern of conjugal excellence and wifely devotion and is so invoked by the bridegroom at nuptial ceremonies.
Page 187 - I fe. ^h) ^*I is the outer edge of the hand from the wrist to the root of the fingers (' and the resemblance between this and the thigh lies in the gracefully tapering shape.
Page 284 - PLATE — char6. — I refer this term to charu, from the root char, ' to eat,' signifying ' an oblation of rice, barley, and pulse, boiled with butter and milk for presentation to the gods or manes; and the vessel in which such an oblation is prepared.
Page 891 - Williams gives for sauvastika, "benedictive, salutatory;" and for swastika, " a mystical mark made on persons or things to denote good luck.
Page 660 - Loosing, release, deliverance, liberation, setting or becoming free, freedom, emancipation ; final beatitude, delivery of the soul from the body, and exemption from further transmigration ; the reabsorption of the Jevatma into the Paramattna or Supreme Soul.
Page 90 - A form of marriage derived from the y$is; one of the eight forms of marriage in which the father of the bride receives one or two pairs of cows from the bridegroom.

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