Adapting Genetics: Quantal Evolution After Natural Selection -Surviving the Changes to Come

Front Cover
Nearurban LLC, Jan 3, 1915 - 157 pages
This book is about the evolution and structure of the genome, particularly the higher vertebrate genome leading to mammals. Quantal refers to the partitioning of the genome into distributed polymorphic blocks. Regulatory DNA sequences, known as Ancestral Haplotypes, were rearranged during the successive retroviral epidemics which defined human ancestors. Trial and error selected combinations which were successful but also stable and faithfully inherited thereby allowing the new species to expand and adapt in the absence of natural selection of mutations. Anamnestic evolution ensures individuality, diversity, protection from past epidemics and an optimistic view of the future.There are three main themes; "Genomic Lessons from the MHC", "Selective Breeding of Livestock" and "The Why and How of Evolved Individuality". These essays carry a set of profound and pragmatic messages for the biomedical and veterinary communities.

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