Analog And Digital Communication

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Technical Publications, 2009 - Digital communications - 367 pages
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Amplitude Modulation : Transmission and ReceptionPrinciples of amplitude modulation - AM envelope, Frequency spectrum and bandwidth, Modulation index and Percent modulation, AM power distribution, AM modulator circuits- low-level AM modulator, Medium power AM modulator, AM transmitters-Low-level transmitters, High level transmitters, receiver parameters, AM reception - AM receivers - TRF, Super heterodyne receiver, Double conversion AM recivers.Angle Modulation : Transmission and Reception Angle modulation - FM and PM waveforms, Phase deviation and Modulation index, Frequency deviation, Phase and Frequency modulators and demodulators, Frequency spectrum of Angle - Modulated waves. Bandwidth requirements of Angle modulated waves, Commercial Broadcast band FM, Average power of an angle modulated wave, Frequency and Phase modulators, A direct FM transmitters, Indirect transmitters, Angle modulation Vs Amplitude modulation, FM receivers : FM demodulators, PLL FM demodulators, FM noise suppression, Frequency versus Phase modulation.Digital Transmission and Data CommunicationIntroduction, Pulse modulation, PCM - PCM sampling, Sampling rate, Signal to quantization noise rate, Companding - Analog and Digtial - Percentage error, Delta modulation, Adaptive delta modulation, Differential pusle code modulation, Pulse transmission - ISI, Eyepattern, Data communication history, Standards, Data communication circuits, Data communication codes, Error control, Hardware, Serial and Parallel interfaces, Data modems, - Asynchronous modem, Synchronous modem, Low-speed modem, Medium and High speed modem, Modem control.Digital Communication Introduction, Shannon limit for information capacity, Digital amplitude modulation, Frequency shift keying, FSK bit rate and baud, FSK transmitter, BW consideration of FSK, FSK receiver, Phase shift keying - Binary phase shift keying - QPSK, Quandrature Amplitude modulation, Bandwidth efficiency, Carrier recovery - Squaring loop, Costas loop, DPSK.Spread Spectrum and Multiple Access Techniques Introduction, Pseudo-noise sequence, DS spread spectrum with coherent binary PSK, Processing gain, FH spread spectrum, Multiple access techniques - Wireless communication, TDMA and FDMA, Wireless communication systems, Source coding of speech for wireless communications.

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