Antenna And Wave Propagation

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Technical Publications, 2009 - 407 pages
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Antenna PrinciplesPotential functions and electromagnetic field, Current elements, Radiation from monopole and wave dipole, Network theorems, Directional properties of dipole antenna, Antenna gain, Effective area, Antenna terminal impedance, Antenna as an opened out transmission line, Practical antennas and methods of excitation, Transmission loss between antennas, Antenna temperature and Signal to noise ratio.Antennas ArraysTwo element array, Horizontal patterns in broadcast arrays, Linear arrays, Binomial array, Tchebyscheyff distribution.Wave PropagationModes of propagation, Plane earth reflection, Space wave and surface wave, Elevated dipole antennas above a plane earth, Wave tilt of the surface wave, Spherical earth propagation, Tropospheric wave, Ionosphere propagation, Sky wave transmission calculations, Effects of the earth's magnetic field, Wave propagation in the ionosphere, Virtual height, MUF/LUF, Skip distance, Duct propagation, Space wave.WaveguidesRectangular, Circular, Transmission line analogy for waveguides, Dielectric slab waveguide.Microwave GenerationConventional vacuum tubes, Klystrons : Reflex and multicavity, TWT, Magnetrons, FWCFA, BWCFA and BWO, IMPATT, Parametric devices, Gunn, InP, CdTe Diodes.

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this is very nice book..and every concept are explained in a proper manner..this is very usefull for me and all student who keeps desire to know about the antenna...i request u to plz give link so that i can download the this book and us ethe book

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good to get antenna basics...
Given Problems are very effective in understanding theory

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