Applied Nutrition

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CBS Publishers & Distributors, Nov 30, 2013 - Medical - 487 pages
Food that carries nutrients to the body is connected with tradition, socio-economic background and resources of the country. Food recipes and varieties have evolved out of these factors over a period of time. However, judicious application of nutritional science can render these ethnic foods highly nutritious without sacrificing their palatability, acceptance and cost. The book contains several recipes of region-specific ethnic foods and methods of their preparation. Formulation of diets appropriate for human subjects suffering from various disorders and planning of their meals is highly useful to dieticians. Detailed descriptions are given on principles and methods of preservation common foods with focus on avoiding food wastages. Issues relating to food safety is addressed in this book. The current and future situations of food security in India have been summarized projecting available statistics. Diseases caused by malnutrition have been narrated with special refer enc to their incidence, etiology and practical solutions to their elimination and input of this knowledge will help in building a healthy nation.

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