Arteria Uterina Ovarica: The Utero-ovarian Artery, Or, the Genital Vascular Circle, Anatomy and Physiology, with Their Application in Diagnosis and Surgical Intervention

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E. H. Colegrove, 1903 - Arteries - 182 pages
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Page 31 - ... oviductus and rami laterales avarii being still intact. The genital circle left undivided will allow the ovaries — organs of progressive function from before birth until the ovarian tissue is worn out — to functionate normally until their tissue stroma yields to senile processes in the sixties. The universal rule of surgery is to sacrifice no healthy organs or tissue. The suggestions brought about by a study of the genital vascular circle will aid to prevent sacrificing genital organs or...
Page 33 - ... and 3 is the straight segment of the circle; 5, 6, 7 and 8, represents the spiral segments of the circle held in position by hooks. In this cut, free from complications, may be easily decerned the utility of the spiral segment of the circle in wide ranges of motion; 10, is the interior of the circle. value to gynecologic surgery, especially per vaginam. With the traction forceps one can draw the uterus distalward sufficiently to ligate all its vessels at leisure outside the body. The future route...
Page 186 - The spindle-shape and curves of the ureters are shown. In this drawing a suggestion from Holl is employed. The genital circle and the ureter are shown in their relation, 1. kidney ; 3 and 7, ureteral pelvis ; 4 and 8, proximal uretornl...
Page 31 - ... is an x-ray taken for me by Dr. Harry Pratt. 1, 3, 4, pelvic floor segment; 5, 6, uterine segment; 6. 7, 9 and 6, 8, 9, the oviducal segment; 9, 10, 11, the ovarian segment. The genital vascular circle or circle of author is the same in all mammals. motion to the uterus, proximally to the diaphram, laterally to the lateral abdominal walls, and its chief utility in surgery is that this tortuous segment can be drawn distally sufficiently to enable the surgeon to ligate both uterine and ovarian...
Page 186 - The cut illustrates the relations of the ureter and the spiral segment of the genital circle. The upper portion of the cut represents a front view, while the under part of the cut represents a side view. It shows the proximal (II), middle (iliac) and distal (17) arterio-ureteral crossing.
Page 29 - ... severing, but may be arrested by small pressure forceps, without a ligature. Mobility and distensibility of the spiral segment of the uteroovarian vascular circle enables the gynecologist to draw the uterus oviduct and ovary into the vagina with traction forceps, where the organs may be inspected, palpated and ligatures may be applied at leisure. One of the great principles of vaginal extirpation of the genitals rests on the anatomic fact that the spiral segment of the utero-ovarian vascular...
Page 186 - ... proximal arterio-ureteral crossing; 12, middle arterio-ureteral crossing; 13, ovarian segment; 14 and 15, external iliac vessels; 16, pelvic ureteral spindle; 17, distal arterio-ureteral crossing; 18, left oviduct; 19, uterus; 20, pelvic segment of uterine artery divided by the ureter; 22, vagina; 23, ureteral orificial slit opening into bladder; 24, posterior branch of internal iliac; 25, renal vein receiving the ovarian vein 26; 9, 26, 25, 7, uretero-venous triangle.
Page 33 - ... extensively without suffering loss of integrity or fatal damage. AGE RELATIONS. Age relations of the utero-ovarian vascular circle makes the woman subject to sexual crises and phases. The spiral segment of the utero-ovarian vascular circle is an organ of limited life. In pueritas it is quiescent. At puberty it springs into activity, increases in size and spirality. In the menstrual rhythm it becomes engorged with blood. In gestation it increases in volume, length and tortuosity, becoming completely...
Page 57 - Illustrates the relation of the ureters to veins, 1 is where the left ovarian vein crosses the ureter; 2, where the right ovarian vein crosses the ureter. I and 2 stand at the apex of the uretero-venous triangles or the triangles of the author. 3, origin of left and 4, origin of right ovarian veins; 5, uterus; 6, bladder; 7 is the pelvic segment of the ureter passing through the great venous plexuses. The...
Page iv - Tliis monograph is presented to the medical profession in the hope that it may serve in its way to instruct some and to awaken all to a greater realization of the supreme importance of the subject of Gonorrhoea in Women. Nowhere in the English and American medical literature is the subject presented in its entirety.

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