Asynchronous Machines

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Technical Publications, 2008 - 278 pages
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Basic Concepts
Field distribution of space distributed three-phase winding, Concept of rotating field, Production and concept of asynchronous and synchronous torques.Polyphase Induction Machines
Constructional features, Operation, Equivalent circuit, Phasor diagram , Leakage reactance and it s importance on machine performance, Effect of rotor circuit resistance, Starting torque, Cage motors, Double cage and deep bar motor.Generator action, Methods of excitation, Space harmonics and their effect on motor performance, Starting methods, Speed control : (i) Control of speed of rotating field, (ii) Control of slip speed. Estimation of equivalent circuit parameters.Effect of voltage injection in rotor circuit of slip ring induction motor, Action of commutator, Scherbius and Kramer schemes of speed and P.F. control of induction motors.
Stepper Motors and Linear Induction Machines
Stepper Motors : Construction, Principle of operation and applications.Linear Induction Machines : Construction, Principle of operation and applications. Single Phase Motors
Single phase induction motor, Double revolving field theory, Equivalent circuit, Characteristics. Phase splitting, Shaded pole motor, Single phase series and repulsion motor : Working and characteristics.

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Chapter2 Polyphase Induction Machines 21 to 2 132
Chapter3 Starting and Speed Control of Induction Motor 3 1 to 3
Chapter5 Single Phase Motors 5 1 to 5

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