Bal Gangadhar Tilak: His Writings and Speeches

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Ganesh, 1919 - India - 411 pages
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Really good insight into our origins

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A must read for every human being. Here is a man who first propounded the necessity of Swarajya (Self-governance). At an individual level, this is a basic human right. Fortunately, people such as Steve Jobs and companies such as Google enable that possibility. The ultimate goal will be reached when the entire world will be tax-free. 

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Page 65 - So many, of you need not like arms; bat if you have not the power of active resistance, have you not the power of self-denial and self-abstinence in such a way as not to assist this foreign Government to rule over you ? This is boycott and this is what is meant when we say, boycott is a political weapon.
Page 64 - ... ruined by foreign rule; your wealth is going out of the country and you are reduced to the lowest level which no human being can occupy. In this state of things, is there any other remedy by which you can help yourself ? The remedy is not petitioning but boycott. We say prepare your forces, organise your power, and then go to work so that they cannot refuse you what you demand.
Page 28 - I may say a National Movement to have a common language for the whole of India; for a common language is an important element of nationality. It is by a common language that you express your thoughts to others and Manu rightly says that everything is comprehended in or proceeds from uak or language. Therefore, if you want to draw a nation together there is no force more powerful than to have a common language for all.
Page 105 - Swarajya, and men make exertions for that purpose. You are at present in that sort of condition. Those who are ruling over you do not belong to your religion, race or even country. The question whether this rule of the English Government is good or bad is one thing. The question of ' one's own ' and ' alien
Page 390 - I have no hesitation in saying that the acts of violence which have been committed in the different parts of India are not only repugnant to me, but have, in my opinion, only unfortunately retarded to a great extent the pace of our political progress. Whether looked at from an individual or from a public point of view, they deserve, as I have said before on several occasions, to be equally condemned.
Page 230 - I approached the book with a mind prepossessed by no previous ideas about any philosophy, and had no theory of my own for which I sought any support in the Gita. A person whose mind is prepossessed by certain ideas, reads the book with a prejudiced mind ; for instance, when a Christian reads it, he does not want to know what the Gita says but wants to find out if there are any principles in the Gita which he has already met...
Page 77 - Though down-trodden and neglected, you must be conscious of your power of making the administration impossible if you but choose to make it so. It is you who manage the railroad and the telegraph, it is you who make, settlements and collect revenues, it is in fact^ou who do everything for the administration though in a subordinate capacity.
Page 263 - This Congress strongly urges the necessity for the immediate enactment of a Parliamentary statute providing for the establishment of Responsible Government in India, the full measure to be attained within a time-limit to be fixed in the statute itself at an early date. This Congress is emphatically of opinion that the Congress-League Scheme of Reforms ought to be immediately introduced by the statute as the first step in the process.
Page 36 - Hindu religion as a whole is made up of different parts co-related to each other as so many sons and daughters of one great religion. If this idea is kept in view and if we try to unite the various sections it will be consolidated in a mighty force. So long as you are divided amongst yourselves, so long as one section does not recognise its •Speech deli\ered at Benares on 3 July 1906. affinity with another, you cannot hope to rise as Hindus.

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