Behind Our Lives: A Tale of Life and Love in Three Parts

Front Cover
Coastal Lines, 2016 - 382 pages

His one wish? To escape. Cleanly. Beautifully. Without guilt or uncertainty. Without hurting anyone.

Broken by love, Lincoln Fraser is back in the city of his birth. He's been abandoned, betrayed, and doesn't see how he can ever trust again.

Kali Johnson is stuck in a world that feels too much for her. Her husband's gone, her son won't talk, and her apartment is full of rats. Fearful she's failing at life, all she wants is a second chance to make things right.

When a freak accident places Kali and her son in Lincoln's path, he feels compelled to help this single mother and her child.

Unprepared for the challenge of letting anyone back into his life, Lincoln is faced with a question--continue to shut himself out from the world or slowly let someone in?

Raw, heartbreaking, but full of hope, Behind Our Lives, Book One in the Behind Our Lives Trilogy, is a story that will leave you wanting more.

About the author (2016)

Charlene Carr is an ardent lover of words. A voracious reader, when she needed punishment as a child her parents took her books away. These punishments were blessings in disguise - with nothing to read, she created her own stories. Pursuing her life-long obsession with words, Charlene studied literature in University, attaining both a BA and MA in English. She contributed to that learning by also earning a Bachelor of Journalism. She chose to work as a freelance writer, editor, and facilitator so she could develop and grow her writing skill while having the time and flexibility to focus on her own creative work. Currently, she's focusing exclusively on novel writing and loving every minute of it... well, almost every minute. There are days when her characters fight to have the story their way! (And they're almost always right.) Her first series, A NEW START, is Women's Fiction full of thought, heart, and hope. Charlene lives in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada and loves exploring the amazing coastline of her harbour town, dancing up a storm, and using her husband as a guinea pig for the healthy, yummy recipes she creates!

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