Boiler draught

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D. Van Nostrand Co., 1911 - History - 138 pages
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Page 19 - Jennison, FH The Manufacture of Lake Pigments 8vo, *3 oo Jepson, G. Cams and the Principles of their Construction.. .8vo, *i 50 Mechanical Drawing 8vo (In Preparation.) Jockin, W. Arithmetic of the Gold and Silversmith i2mo, *i oo Johnson, GL Photographic Optics and Color Photography.
Page 27 - Mechanics 8vo, *2 50 Petit, G. White Lead and Zinc White Paints 8vo, *i 50 Petit, R. How to Build an Aeroplane. Trans. by T. O'B. Hubbard, and JH Ledeboer 8vo, *i 50 Pettit, Lieut. JS Graphic Processes. (Science Series No. 76.) . . . i6mo, o 50 Philbrick, PH Beams and Girders.
Page 33 - Smith, CF Practical Alternating Currents and Testing 8vo, *2 50 Practical Testing of Dynamos and Motors 8vo, *2 oo Smith, FE Handbook of General Instruction for Mechanics. . . . i2mo...
Page 21 - Compounds 8vo, *3 50 Bone Products and Manures , 8vo, *3 oo Lamborn, LL Cottonseed Products 8vo, *3 oo Modern Soaps, Candles, and Glycerin 8vo, *7 50 Lamprecht, R. Recovery Work After Pit Fires. Trans. by C. Salter .. 8vo, *4 oo Lanchester, FW Aerial Flight.
Page 31 - Schellen, H. Magneto-electric and Dynamo-electric Machines 8vo, 5 oo Scherer, R. Casein. Trans. by C. Salter 8vo, *3 oo Schidrowitz, P.
Page 16 - Tool-book I2mo, i 50 Hart, JW External Plumbing Work 8vo, *3 oo Hints to Plumbers on Joint Wiping 8vo, *3 oo Principles of Hot Water Supply 8vo, *3 oo Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage 8vo, *3 oo Haskins, CH The Galvanometer and Its Uses i6mo, i 50 Hatt, JAH The Colorist square i2mo, *i 50 Hausbrand, E.
Page 37 - Machinery i2mo, *2 oo Wanklyn, JA Water Analysis i2mo, 2 oo Wansbrough, WD The ABC of the Differential Calculus i2mo, *i 50 Slide Valves i2mo, *2 oo Ward, JH Steam for the Million 8vo, i oo Waring, Jr., GE Sanitary Conditions. (Science Series No. 31...
Page 25 - I2mo, 2 50 Munby, AE Chemistry and Physics of Building Materials. (Westminster Series.) 8vo, *2 oo Murphy, JG Practical Mining i6mo, i oo Murray, JA Soils and Manures.
Page 12 - Colors 8vo, *4 oo Fernbach, RL Glue and Gelatine 8vo, *3 oo Chemical Aspects of Silk Manufacture 121110, *i oo Fischer, E. The Preparation of Organic Compounds. Trans.
Page 26 - ... *5 oo Foods and Drugs. Two Volumes 8vo, Vol. I. Chemical and Microscopical Analysis of Foods and Drugs. *7 So Vol. II. Sale of Food and Drugs Act *3 oo Parry, EJ, and Coste. JH Chemistry of Pigments 8vo, *4 50 Parry, LA Risk and Dangers of Various Occupations 8vo, *3 oo Parshall, HF, and Hobart, HM Armature Windings 4to, *7 50 Electric Railway Engineering 4to, *io oo Parshall, HF, and Parry, E. Electrical Equipment of Tramways.

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