Building India with Partnership: The Story of CII, 1895-2005

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Penguin Books, 2006 - Industries - 344 pages
A single statement by the government of India in 1991 knocked down the high walls of protection between Indian industry and the rest of the world. Companies comfortable with operating at low levels of efficiency were suddenly compelled to adjust to an entirely different economic paradigm. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) was a catalyst of change during this critical period in India's economic history. With its visionary members, it pioneered partnerships of industry, government and civil society to help build an India that is emerging as a global economic power. The story of CII traces the birth and development to maturity of modern Indian industry. From the discouraging laissez-faire attitude of the colonial administration to the euphoria of Independence, from enthusiastic nation-building to the constraints of the planned economy, from incipient liberalization to sudden globalization, business in India has covered a long journey. CII, in some form or the other, has been a constant partner over these 110 years, a supportive companion helping industry to manage change, grow and evolve. helped shape today's India, Building India with Partnership: The Story of CII, 1895-2005 is not only the story of a remarkable institution, but is also a chronicle of a country's industrial growth and economic changes over a century.

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