Can I have a Chocolate Milkshake?

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Notion Press - Fiction - 258 pages
How would you feel if, one day, you wake up in a hospital to the faces of doctors and nurses? How would you react when you see your dreams shattering right in front of your eyes? And what would go through your mind when you’re barred from pursuing your passion? Crushed and devastated from within? Meet Lt. Siddhant, an epitome of courage and spirit, who woke up to all this one morning and yet remained composed, when told that his right arm has been amputated post a fateful accident. An average human would collapse, but Lt. Siddhant, an Indian Army officer asked, “Can I have a Chocolate Milkshake?”  This is the true-story of Lt. Siddhant, who when asked to shed his Olive Greens thereafter, goes on to build a successful career in the corporate world and becomes an inspiration for many. But, how did he get there? How did he win his battle? “Can I have a Chocolate Milkshake?” is a riveting tale of a man overcoming his limitations, fighting against all odds, and emerging as a winner.



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Title Copyright Dedication Prologue
The Climb Begins
LifeIt Can Be Hard
LifeIt Can Be Good
Journey to the Pinnacle
Survival of the Fittest
The Toughest Times
An Officer and a Gentleman 13 Good Times Love Oops
ShT Happens
ShT Happens Life Goes
Rise of the Phoenix
The Dilemma
Life Civvy Street 19 The Coveted Zone
Epitome of Stress
Cupid Strikes Again

Close to Godliness
Last Leg of the Climb
Adorned the Olive Greens
Up Up and Away

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