Catalogue of Greek Coins: The Tauric Chersonese, Sarmatia, Dacia, Moesia, Thrace &c, Volume 3

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order of the Trustees [of the British Museum], 1877 - Coins, Greek - 274 pages
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Page vi - The metal of each coin and its size is stated in inches and tenths. The weight is given in English grains of all gold and silver coins, and of all copper coins bearing marks of value.
Page 218 - Satyr, kneeling to r. on r. knee, carrying in his arms a nymph clad in long chiton ; the hair of both figures indicated by streaming lines ; Ri.
Page 172 - Reverstypns der anderen Münze wird von Hrn. Head so beschrieben: Female figure, standing 1., holding patera and sceptre round which serpent is coiled ; in front, cista mystica from which issues another serpent. Er hätte gewiß mit Recht das mit langem Chiton und weitem, auf den Rücken und von...
Page 128 - Dionysos, naked, standing 1., holding grapes in r. and two stalks of the narthex in 1. ; his chlamys wrapped round 1. arm ; in field 1. and r., fê and tíf . 49 247Ж 1-35 Similar.
Page 225 - Obv.: Bust of Artemis r., wearing stephane; at her shoulder, bow and quiver.
Page 90 - ... ist, erregen einige Stücke von Bizya ein besonderes Interesse. Namentlich gilt dieses von dem großen Bronzestück aus der Zeit des Philippus senior, dessen Revers Hr. Head p. 90, n. 10 so beschreibt: Asklepios reclining 1. on couch, and placing his r. on the shoulder of Hygieia, who is seated in the edge of the couch in front of him; beneath Asklepios, a tripod ; beneath Hygieia , a staff with serpent twiued round it.
Page 216 - Ithyphallic Satyr, kneeling r. on r. knee, carrying in his arms a nymph clad in long chiton ; the hair of both figures indicated by streaming lines.
Page 102 - Two wicker baskets, pointed at both ends, from the top of each of which hangs an ear of corn ; between them, a lighted altar, garlanded.
Page 149 - Poppœa r., wearing stephane. uev. П E Head-dress of Isis, consisting of horns globe and plumes, crossed beneath by two ears of corn ; the whole within olive- wreath.
Page 230 - ЕРЛЛОКРАТ1ДЕП around the sides of a shallow incuse square, within which, a quadripartite square, slightly raised. [Bank Collection.] No. Wt. Metal. Size. Obverse. 28a 21835« 192-6 37a 44a 40-2 39-2 Al -9 Ж -9 Al '6 Ai -6 Reverse.

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