Computer Architecture & Organisation

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Technical Publications, 2007 - 440 pages
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History and evolution of computers, Architecture of a general purpose computer, Stored program computer operation.Data Path DesignComputer system design, Gate level design, Register level design and processor level design, Fixed point arithmetic, Data paths of Two s complement addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Booths algorithm for multiplication, Floating point arithmetic and data path of floating point ALU.Processor DesignCPU organization and operation, Accumulator based CPU, CPU with general registers, Instruction types, Formats and addressing arithmetic - logic unit design, Sequential ALUs, Structure of a basic sequential ALU, Register files, Co-processors and pipeline processors, RISC and CISC computers.Control DesignGeneral structure of hardwired and micro-programmed control units, Hardwired control design, State tables, Greatest common divisor processor, Classical design of the gcd processor control unit, Design of a typical of CPU control unit, Micro-programmed control, Control unit organization, Microinstruction addressing and timing, Micro-program sequences, Pipeline control, Instruction pipeline, Structure multistage pipeline, Organization of CPU with multistage instruction pipeline, Pipeline performance, Measures.Memory OrganizationOrganization of multilevel memory system in a computer, Main memory: Random access memory organization, Semiconductor RAMs, RAM's design structure of D-RAM chip, Secondary memory : Several access memory, Access methods, Memory organization magnetic disc and tape reluctant array of inexpensive disks, Memories, Optical memory and read out devices.High Speed Cache Memory SystemCache and virtual memory, Address translation with segmentation and paging with caches, Cache organization, Operation address mapping associative memory, Cache types and performance.System Buses and I/O, CommunicationBuses, Bus interfacing timing bus arbitration, I/O and system control, I/O control methods, Programmed I/O, I/O processors: I/O instruction types, Measures, I/OP organization, CPU and IOP interaction.Multiple Advanced Processor OrganizationsParallel processing shared and distributed memory computers, Processor interconnection network structures and performance, Multiprocessors(MIMD).

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