Computer Communication Networks

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Technical Publications, 2006 - 386 pages
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IntroductionUses of Computer Networks : Business applications, Home applications, Mobile users.Network Hardware : Local area networks, Metropolitan area networks, Wide area networks, Wireless networks.Network Software : Protocol hierarchies, Design issues for the layers, Connection-oriented and connectionless services, Service primitives, The relationship of services to protocols.Reference Models : The OSI reference model, The TCP/IP reference model, A comparison of the OSI and TCP/IP reference models.Example Networks : Internet usage, Architecture of the internet, Connection-oriented networks : X.25, Frame relay and ATM, Ethernet, Wireless LANs : 802.11.The Physical LayerThe theoretical basis for data communication : Bandwidth limited signals, The maximum data rate of a channel.Guided Transmission Media : Magnetic media, Twisted pair, Coaxial cable, Fiber optics.Wireless Transmission : The electromagnetic spectrum, Radio transmission, Microwave transmission, Infrared and millimeter waves, Light wave transmission. The Public Switched Telephone Network : Structure of the telephone system, The local loop, Modems, FDM, WDM and TDM, Switching, Internet over cable.The Data Link Layer Data link layer design issues : Services provided to the network layer, Framing, Error control, Flow control, Error-detecting codes.Elementary data link protocols : An unrestricted simplex protocol, A simplex stop-and-wait protocol, A simplex protocol for a noisy channel sliding window protocols : A one bit sliding window protocol, A protocol using GO Back N, A protocol using selective repeat, HDLC-High-Level Data Link Control, The data link layer in the Internet.The Medium Access Control SublayerMultiple Access Protocols : ALOHA, Carrier sense multiple access protocols, Wireless LAN protocols.Ethernet : Ethernet cabling, Manchester encoding, The ethernet MAC sublayer protocol, The binary exponential backoff algorithm, Ethernet performance, Switched ethernet, Fast ethernet, Gigabit ethernet, IEEE 802.2 : Logical link control.Wireless Lans : The 802.11 protocol stack, The 802.11 physical layer, The 802.11 MAC sublayer protocol , The 802.11 frame structure, Services.Bluetooth : Bluetooth architecture, Bluetooth applications.Data Link Layer Switching : Local internet working, Repeaters, Hubs, Bridges, Switches, Routers and Gateways, Virtual LANs.The Network LayerNetwork Layer Design Issues : Store-and-forward packet switching, Services provided to the transport layer, Implementation of connectionless service, Implementation of connection-oriented service, Comparison of virtual-circuit and datagram subnets.Routing Algorithms : The optimality principle, Shortest path routing, Distance vector routing, Link state routing, Hierarchical routing, Broadcast routing. CONGESTION Control Algorithms : General principles of congestion control, Congestion prevention policies, Congestion control in virtual-circuit subnets, Congestion control in datagram subnets.Quality of Service : Requirements, Techniques for achieving good quality of service.Internetworking : How networks differ, How networks can be connected.The Network Layer in the Internet : The IP protocol, IP address formats, Ipv6 header format.The Transport LayerThe Transport Service : Services provided to the upper layers, Transport service primitives.Elements of Transport Protocols : Addressing, Connection establishment, Connection release, Flow control and buffering, Multiplexing, Crash recovery.The Internet Transport Protocols - UDP : Header format.The Internet Transport Protocols - TCP : Introduction to TCP, The TCP service model, The TCP protocol, The TCP segment header, TCP connection establishment, TCP connection release. The Application LayerDNS - The Domain Name System : The DNS name space, Name servers.Electronic mail : Architecture and services, The user agent, Message transfer, SMTP.The World Wide Web : Architectural overview, Client side, Server side.

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algorithm congestion control algorithm quality of service internetworking network layer
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