Computer Graphics

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Technical Publications, 2008 - 410 pages
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Application areas of computer graphics, Overview of graphics systems, Video-display devices, Raster-scan systems, Random scan systems, Graphics monitors and work stations and input devices.Output Primitives : Points and lines, Line drawing algorithms, Mid-point circle and ellipse algorithms. Filled area primitives : Scan line polygon fill algorithm, Boundary-fill and flood-fill algorithms.2-D Geometrical Transforms : Translation, Scaling, Rotation, Reflection and shear transformations, Matrix representations and homogeneous co-ordinates, Composite transforms, Transformations between co-ordinate systems.2-D Viewing : The viewing pipeline, Viewing co-ordinate reference frame, Window to view-port co-ordinate transformation, Viewing functions, Cohen-Sutherland and Cyrus-beck line clipping algorithms, Sutherland-Hodgeman polygon clipping algorithm.3-D object representation : Polygon surfaces, Quadric surfaces, Spline representation, Hermite curve, Bezier curve and B-spline curves, Bezier and B-Spline surfaces, Basic illumination models, Polygon rendering methods.3-D Geometric Transformations : Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Reflection and shear transformations, Composite transformations.3-D Viewing : Viewing pipeline, Viewing co-ordinates, View volume and general projection transforms and clipping.Visible Surface Detection Methods : Classification, Back-face detection, Depth-buffer, Scan-line, Depth sorting, BSP-tree methods, Area sub-division and octree methods.Computer Animation : Design of animation sequence, General computer animation functions, Raster animation, Computer animation languages, Keyframe systems, Motion specifications.

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computer graphics


Review Questions 257
Copter Fitted Area Primitives 1 41 to 4
Chapter 5 2D Geometrical Transforms 1 to 5
Chapter 7 Three Dimensional Object Representation 7 1 to 7?32
Chapter 8 Illumination Models a 1 to 8
Chapter U Visible Surface Detection Methods 11 1 to 11 18
Review Questions 11
Review Questions 1211

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