Cyclops Christianus; Or, An Argument to Disprove the Supposed Antiquity of the Stonehenge and Other Megalithic Erections in England and Britanny

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J. Petheram, 1849 - Stonehenge (England) - 247 pages

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1849 / 247p / 217

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Page 115 - This they do just before going to bed. In the morning they look among the ashes, and if they see the impression of Briid's club there, they reckon it a presage of a good crop, and prosperous year ; if not, they take it...
Page 116 - This they do just before going to bed, and when they rise in the morning they look among the ashes, expecting to see the impression of Briid's club there ; which if they do, they reckon it a true presage of a good crop and prosperous year, and the contrary they take as an ill omen.
Page 110 - Taught mid thy massy maze their mystic lore: Or Danish chiefs, enrich'd with savage spoil, To victory's idol vast, an unhewn shrine...
Page 127 - Heaven reward thee!" "And I will enhance the atonement," said Bendigeid Vran, "for I will give unto thee a caldron, the property of which is, that if one of thy men be slain to-day, and be cast therein, to-morrow he will be as well as ever he was at the best, except that he will not regain his speech.
Page 152 - Come ye near unto me, hear ye this ; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning ; from the time that it was, there am I : and now the Lord GOD, and his Spirit, hath sent me.
Page 96 - That is more than thee canst tell;" which put Satan into such a passion, that he snatched up a pillar and hurled it at the friar, with an intention to bruise him to dirt ; but he running for his life, the stone in its fall only reached his heel, and struck him on it ; the mark of which appears in that pillar even unto this day, and is called The Friar's Heel.
Page 96 - ... Bulford, one of the stones dropped down into the water, where it lies to this very hour ; the rest were immediately reared up on the spot of ground destined by Merlin for them : and the devil, pleased with the accomplishment of his work, declared, upon fixing the last stone, that nobody should be ever able to tell how the fabric, or any of the parts of which it is composed, came there. A friar, who had lain all night concealed near the building, hearing the devil's declaration, replied to it...
Page 152 - I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth: I said not unto the seed of Jacob, Seek ye me in vain: I the LORD speak righteousness, I declare things that are right.
Page 178 - Cylch Cyngrair, the Circle of Concord, or of Confederation. In these days, however, it is formed only of a few very small stones, or pebbles, such as may be carried to the spot in one man's pocket; but this would not have been deemed sufficient by those who formed the stupendous Bardic Circle of StoneHenge.
Page 36 - I question, whether there be in the world a monument, which is much prior to the celebrated Stone-Henge. There is reason to think, that it was erected by a foreign colony; one of the first, which came into the island.

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