Digital Communication

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Technical Publications, 2009 - Digital communications - 651 pages
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Elements of Digital Communication and Information TheoryModel of a Digital communication, System, Probability theory and Random variables, Logarithmic measure of information, Entropy and information rate, Conditional entropy and redundancy, Source coding, Fixed and Variable length code words, Source coding theorem, Prefix coding and kraft inequality, Shannon Fanno and Huffman coding.Digital Baseband TransmissionPCM coding, DM, DPCM, ADCM, Data transfer rate, Line coding and its properties, NRZ and RZ types, Signalling format for Unipolar, Polar, Bipolar (AMI) and Manchester coding and their power spectra (No Derivation) matched filter receiver, Derivation of its impulse response and peak pulse signal to noise ratio. Correlation Detector Decision. Threshold and Error Probability for binary unipolar (ON-OFF) signalling, ISI, Nyquist criterion for zero ISI and raised cosine spectrum.Digital Modulation TechniquesGram-Schmidt orthogonalization procedure, Types of digital modulation, Waveforms for amplitude, frequency and phase shift keying, Method of generation and detection of coherent and non-coherent binary ASK, FSK and PSK. Differential phase shift keying, Quadrature modulation techniques QPSK, Probability of error and comparison of various digital modulation techniques.Digital MultiplexingFundamentals of time division, Multiplexing, Electronic commutator, Bit, Byte interleaving T1 carrier system, Synchronization and signalling of T1, TDM, PCM hierarchy, T1 to T4 PCM TDM system (DS1 to DS4 signals).Error Control CodingError free communication over a noise channel, Hamming code, Relation between minimum distance and minimum distance error correcting capability, Linear block codes, Encoding and syndrome decoding, Cyclic codes, Encoder and Decoder for cyclic codes, Convolution codes, Tree diagram, state diagram and Trellis diagram, Viterbi and sequential decoding, Comparison of performance.

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