Duranta Egal : Dinesh Chandra Chattopadhyay

Front Cover
Patra Bharati, 2010 - 326 pages
Somewhere the unsurpassable chain of mountains dare to touch the sky, and the avalanche melts down with great roaring, somewhere the meandering river flows down with an electrified current...somewhere the secluded valley embraces the dark, dense wood and somewhere the vast desert lays alone in a melancholy. Not only vastness covers a huge space in tis mega novel but also various nations come into picture, with a long series of thrilling incidents to establish how the fire of the revolution in Soviet Russia enlightened and united the illiterate people of Pamir. Simple iron tempered into steel ! So a classic novel "Duranta Egal" takes birth centering on a brave hunter Zura, belonging to an unknown, lonely village called Min-Arkhar of Pamir Valley. Undoubtedly Duranta Egal is a precious possession of Bengali Literature. Duranta Egal had achieved Vidyasagar Award in 1987.

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