Dynamic Universe Model: Sita Singularity Free Software

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This is the Second book in the series on Dynamic Universe Model describing the SITA software in EXCEL emphasizing the singularity free portions additionally. It explains more than 21000 (Twenty one thousand) different equations, in 43 different groups with additional 14 Index functions and 69 single equations. There are 16 ranges, 11 macros & processes and 18 graphs to view and monitor various parameters. Here in this, a solution to N-body problem-called Dynamic Universe Model (SITA) is presented; which is singularity-free, inter-body collision free and dynamically stable. The Excel EQUATIONS to all the six cases proving that NO singularity exist in the earlier book are given here with software. Viz., three non-zero cases Angular momentum, Polar moment of Inertia, Internal Distances between all pairs of point masses Stability criteria like specific relative angular momentum is constant, None of the masses are moving towards center, and "Total energy = h= T-V = NEGATIVE". This SITA solution can be used by anyone who knows EXCEL and little bit interested in Physics for solving presently unsolved applications from the Solar system level, to Cosmology level via Galaxy level.

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