Electromagnetic Fields

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Static Electric FieldsCo-ordinate system, Rectangular, Cylindrical and spherical co-ordinate system, line, Surface and volume Integrals, Definition of curl, Divergence and gradient, Meaning of strokes theorem and divergence theorem.Coulomb's law in vector form, Definition of electric field intensity, Principle of superposition, Electric field due to discrete charges, Electric field due to continuous charge distribution, Electric field due to charges distributed uniformly on an infinite and finite line, Electric field on the axis of a uniformly charged circular disc, Electric field due to an infinite uniformly charged sheet.Electric scalar potential, Relationship between potential and electric field, Potential due to infinite uniformly charged line, Potential due to electrical dipole, Electric flux density, Gauss law, Proof of Gauss law, Applications.Static Magnetic FieldThe Biot-Savart law in vector form, Magnetic field intensity due to a finite and infinite wire carrying a current I, Magnetic field intensity on the axis of a circular and rectangular loop carrying a current I, Ampere's circuital law and simple applications.Magnetic flux density, The Lorentz force equation for a moving charge and applications, Force on a wire carrying a current I placed in a magnetic field, Torque on a loop carrying a current I, Magnetic moment, Magnetic vector potential.Electric and Magnetic Fields in MaterialsPoisson's and Laplace's equation, Electric polarization, Nature of dielectric materials, Definition of capacitance, Capacitance of various geometries using Laplace's equation, Electrostatic energy and energy density, Boundary conditions for electric fields, Electric current, Current density, Point form of Ohm's law, Continuity equation for current.Definition of inductance, Inductance of loops and solenoids, Definition of mutual inductance, Simple examples. Energy density in magnetic fields, Nature of magnetic materials, Magnetization and permeability, Magnetic boundary conditions.Time Varying Electric and Magnetic FieldsFaraday's law, Maxwell's second equation in integral form from Faraday's law, Equation expressed in point form.Displacement current, Ampere's circuital law in integral form, Modified form of Ampere's circuital law as Maxwell's first equation in integral form, Equation expressed in point form. Maxwell's four equations in integral form and differential form.Poynting vector and the flow of power, Power flow in a co-axial cable, Instantaneous average and complex Poynting vector.Electromagnetic WavesDerivation of wave equation, Uniform plane waves , Maxwell's equation in phasor form , Wave equation in phasor form, Plane waves in free space and in a homogenous material.Wave equation for a conducting medium, Plane waves in lossy dielectrics , Propagation in good conductors, Skin effect.Linear, elliptical and circular polarization, Reflection of plane wave from a conductor, Normal incidence, Reflection of plane waves by a perfect dielectric, Normal and oblique incidence. Dependence on polarization. Brewster angle.

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