Electronic Circuit Analysis

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Technical Publications, 2009 - 672 pages
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Single Stage Amplifiers Review, Small signal analysis of junction transistor, Frequency response of common emitter amplifier, Common base amplifier, Common collector amplifier, JFET amplifiers, Common drain (CD) amplifier, Common gate amplifier, gain band-width product.Multistage AmplifiersMulti stage amplifiers, Methods of inter stage coupling, n-stage cascaded amplifier, Equivalent circuits, Miller's theorem, Frequency effects, Amplifier analysis, High input resistance transistor circuits, Cascode - transistor configuration, CE-CC amplifiers, Two stage RC coupled JFET amplifier (in common source (CS) configuration), Difference amplifier.High Frequency Transistor CircuitsTransistor at high frequencies, Hybrid- common emitter, Transconductance model, Determination of hybrid- conductances, Variation of Hybrid parameters with|IC|,|VCE|and temperature. The parameters fT, expression for f, Current gain with resistance load, CE short circuit current gain, Hybrid - (pi) parameters, Measurement of fT variation of Hybrid- parameters with Voltage, Current and temperature, Design of high frequency amplifier.Power AmplifiersClass A power amplifier, Maximum value of efficiency of class a amplifier, Transformer coupled amplifier, Transformer coupled audio amplifier, Push pull amplifier, Complimentary symmetry circuits (Transformer less class B power amplifier), Phase inverters, Class D operation, Class S operation, Heat sinks.Tuned Amplifiers - ISingle tuned capacitive coupled amplifier, Tapped single tuned capacitance coupled amplifier, Single tuned transformer coupled or inductively coupled amplifier, CE double tuned amplifier, Application of tuned amplifiers.Tuned Amplifiers - IIStagger tuning, Stability considerations, Tuned Class B and Class C amplifiers, Wideband amplifiers,Tuned amplifiers.Voltage RegulatorsTerminology, Basic regulator circuit, Short circuit protection, Current limiting, Specifications of voltage regulator circuits, Voltage multipliers.Switching and IC Voltage RegulatorsIC 723 voltage regulators and three terminal IC regulators, DC to DC converter, Switching regulators, Voltage Multipliers, UPS, SMPS.

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