Ideas with Intentions: Journey of 50 Successful Entrepreneurs of NM College

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Dreaming is a power that can turn naïve ideas into ideologies through the application of a simple but very powerful tool – ‘Determination’. 

 This book “Ideas With Intentions” is about the ‘Visionaries’ of SVKM’s Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, which just completed 50 years since its inception in 1964. It gives an account of the journey of 50 successful Entrepreneurs who have made it large through their perseverance, hard work and determination without relying merely on luck.

 Their respective journeys have been highlighted in a very interactive manner in this book. These are 50 people who have followed their heart, identified their strengths, fought their weaknesses and have risen above with pride.

 Based on real life incidences, these stories besides inspiring you, will also help you discover the existence of your hidden potential, your passion. Through this book, we intend to make the youth aware about how their careers and lives have turned into a perfect cliché. We also intend to dig deep into your souls an unembellished statement of self-realisation. Even if we can inspire a niche of the society to pursue their passion, we would consider the purpose of this book fulfilled.

The publication of “Ideas With Intentions” is an outcome of unstinted support by the Principal of NM college- Mr. Sunil B. Mantri, who gave the task of compilation and preparation of this book to INTENT- The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of NM college. INTENT took this up as a challenge and began its work in full fledge from the day the responsibility dawned upon them.

 The completion of this book was propelled by great hard work and dedication on the part of Team INTENT and all its departments, throughout the year.

Bifurcated in three stages, the first stage included the compilation of the “NM Alumni Database” segregating 50 Entrepreneurs who have outdone themselves in their field, in the glorious past 5 decades of NM. The second stage included “Interviewing the Alumni” for which appointments had to be made and prior training to all the members and volunteers was provided. This was done so that one could professionally interview each Alumnus and accordingly gather relevant information for the publication of the book. The third and the most crucial stage was “Editing and proof reading”. Every interviewer had to submit their respective write ups after which the work of editing the data according to the format and its requirements was carried out.

Step by step, INTENT made sure that the initiative taken by it was yielded by utmost focus and perfection and that the result of all the efforts of several NMites, teachers and alumni who have been connected by such implications were beautifully reflected in this book “Ideas With Intentions”.


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