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Assessment of COMT isolation by HIC using a dual salt system and low temperature
Statistically deformable 2D3D registration for estimating postoperative cup orientation from a single standard AP Xray radiograph
Validation of statistical shape model based reconstruction of the proximal femurA morphology study
The effect of screw insertion angle and thread type on the pullout strength of bone screws in normal and osteoporotic cancellous bone models
A model of cerebrovascular reactivity including the circle of willis and cortical anastomoses
Gait symmetry and regularity in transfemoral amputees assessed by trunk accelerations
Automatic detection of lumbar anatomy in ultrasound images of human subjects
Chemometric approach for improving VCSELbased glucose predictions

Quantitative determination of sparfloxacin in rat plasma by liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry
Therapeutic efficacy of experimental rheumatoid arthritis with lowdose methotrexate by increasing partially CD4+CD25+ Treg cells and inducing Th...
Methods for gait event detection and analysis in ambulatory systems
Highperformance liquid chromatographic method for identification and quantification of three potent liver protective coumarinolignoidscleomiscosi...
Identification of ilaprazole metabolites in human urine by HPLCESIMSMS and HPLCNMR experiments
Altered neuronatin expression in the rat dorsal root ganglion after sciatic nerve transection
Dermisderived hydrogels support adipogenesis in vivo
Fabrication of balloonexpandable selflock drugeluting polycaprolactone stents using microinjection molding and spray coating techniques
Recognition of ventricular extrasystoles over the reconstructed phase space of electrocardiogram
Monodispersed bioactive glass nanospheres preparation and effects on biomechanics of mammalian cells
A novel system for the dynamic assessment of back shape
Total hip joint prosthesis for in vivo measurement of forces and moments
Determination of dopamine serotonin and their metabolites in pediatric cerebrospinal fluid by isocratic high performance liquid chromatography cou...
The Rho kinase inhibitor fasudil inhibits the migratory behaviour of 95D lung carcinoma cells
Characterization and osteogenic effects of mesenchymal stem cells on microbeads composed of hydroxyapatite nanoparticlesreconstituted collagen
Determination of asperosaponin VI in rat plasma by HPLCESIMS and its application to preliminary pharmacokinetic studies
Highresolution retinal imaging through openloop adaptive optics
ShackHartmann wavefront sensor with large dynamic range
First report of an antifungal amidase from Peltophorum ptercoarpum
First report of an antifungal amidase from Peltophorum pterocarpum corrected
The genetic variability of MDR1 C3435T polymorphisms in four Southern Chinese populations
ST shape classification in ECG by constructing reference ST set
Caldesmon regulates the motility of vascular smooth muscle cells by modulating the actin cytoskeleton stability
Determination of ibudilast in human serum by highperformance liquid chromatography for pharmacokinetic study
Mechanical Characterization of Human Red Blood Cells Under Different Osmotic Conditions by Robotic Manipulation With Optical Tweezers
Measurement of splanchnic photoplethysmographic signals using a new reflectance fiber optic sensor
Development and validation of a motion and loading system for a rat knee joint in vivo
Automatic detection of swallowing events by acoustical means for applications of monitoring of ingestive behavior
Categorizing and comparing psychophysical detection strategies based on biomechanical responses to short postural perturbations
Detection of food intake from swallowing sequences by supervised and unsupervised methods
The impact of hyaluronic acid oligomer content on physical mechanical and biologic properties of divinyl sulfonecrosslinked hyaluronic acid hydro...
Evaluation of a silicacontaining bone graft substitute in a vertebral defect model
Quantitative determination of icotinib in human plasma and urine using liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry
In vitro and in vivo release of nerve growth factor from biodegradable polylacticcoglycolicacid microspheres
Functional cooperation between FACT and MCM is coordinated with cell cycle and differential complex formation
Classification of videocapsule endoscopy image patterns comparative analysis between patients with celiac disease and normal individuals
Modeling of Active Transmembrane Transport in a Mixture Theory Framework
Osteocyte mechanobiology and pericellular mechanics
Protein engineering in the development of functional hydrogels
Tissue engineering strategies for the regeneration of orthopedic interfaces
Automatic left ventricle segmentation using iterative thresholding and an active contour model with adaptation on shortaxis cardiac MRI
Applications of control theory to the dynamics and propagation of cardiac action potentials
Retroconvection enhanced drug delivery a computational study
Transmural ultrasoundbased visualization of patterns of action potential wave propagation in cardiac tissue
Dual task interference during gait in patients with unilateral vestibular disorders
Model fitting using RANSAC for surgical tool localization in 3D ultrasound images
Effect of surface wettability and charge on protein adsorption onto implantable alginatechitosanalginate microcapsule surfaces
Chemotherapy resistance research of lung cancer based on microfluidic chip system with flow medium
Separation of heart sound signal from noise in joint cycle frequencytimefrequency domains based on fuzzy detection
System development for high frequency ultrasoundguided fluorescence quantification of skin layers
Data from M Shirmanova et al provide new insights into biomedical optics
Data from R Ponzini et al provide new insights into angiology
Data on bone research detailed by A Yeo and coauthors
Data on hepatitis research described by A MartinCastillo et al
Computational simulations of magnetic particle capture in arterial flows
The relation between neuromechanical parameters and Ashworth score in stroke patients
Dynamic finite element analysis of the aortic root from MRIderived parameters
Modeling biopotential signals and current densities of multiple breast cancerous cells
Probabilistic constitutive law for damage in ligaments
Effects of Schwann cell alignment along the oriented electrospun chitosan nanofibers on nerve regeneration
Attenuation by dextromethorphan on the higher liability to morphineinduced reward caused by prenatal exposure of morphine in rat offspring
Finite element shape optimization for biodegradable magnesium alloy stents
Motion artifact cancellation in NIR spectroscopy using discrete Kalman filtering
Microfluidic sedimentation cytometer for milk quality and bovine mastitis monitoring
Detecting precancerous lesions in the hamster cheek pouch using spectroscopic whitelight optical coherence tomography to assess nuclear morpholog...
Endothelial gene expression in regions of defined shear exposure in the porcine iliac arteries
Numerical simulations of ethacrynic acid transport from precorneal region to trabecular meshwork
Reflective interferometric chamber for quantitative phase imaging of biological sample dynamics
A resistive mesh phantom for assessing the performance of EIT systems
Realtime diffuse optical tomography based on structured illumination
Bayesian approach to patienttailored vectorcardiography
Estimation of distributed arterial mechanical properties using a wave propagation model in a reverse way
Modeling and identification of the electrohysterographic volume conductor by highdensity electrodes
Simultaneous assay of sildenafil and desmethylsildenafil in neonatal plasma by ultraperformance liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry
Wall shear stress on LDL accumulation in human RCAs
In vivo assessment of the impedance ratio method used in electronic foramen locators
Investigation of agerelated changes in physiological kinetic tremor
Bend sweep angle and reynolds number effects on hemodynamics of sshaped arteries
Findings from A Gramfort and coauthors broaden understanding of bioelectromagnetics
Findings from Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne broaden understanding of medical engineering and physics
A novel small animal model for biocompatibility assessment of polymeric materials for use in prosthetic heart valves
Feasibility of using lateral mode coupling method for a large scale ultrasound phased array for noninvasive transcranial therapy
Screening biomaterials for functional complement activation in serum
Initial osteoblast functions on Ti5Zr3Sn5Mo15Nb titanium alloy surfaces modified by microarc oxidation
Fluorescence diffuse optical tomography for freespace and multifluorophore studies
Needlebased interventions with the imageguided surgery toolkit IGSTK from phantoms to clinical trials
Dendritic cell responses to selfassembled monolayers of defined chemistries
A PDMSbased conicalwell microelectrode array for surface stimulation and recording of neural tissues
Assessing and compensating for zerolag correlation effects in timelagged Granger causality analysis of FMRI
Comparative characterization of cultures of primary human macrophages or dendritic cells relevant to biomaterial studies
Geometrical confining effects in compression molding of cocontinuous polymer blends
Modeling and Optimization of Printed Spiral Coils in Air Saline and Muscle Tissue Environments
Development of a highthroughput LCAPCIMS method for the determination of thirteen phytoestrogens including gut microbial metabolites in huma...
Ultraperformance liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry UPLCMSMS for the sensitive determination of folates in rice
In vitro cartilage formation using TGFbetaimmobilized magnetic beads and mesenchymal stem cellmagnetic bead complexes under magnetic field co...
Modulation of mu rhythm desynchronization during motor imagery by transcranial direct current stimulation
DTMRI Based Computation of Collagen Fiber Deformation in Human Articular Cartilage A Feasibility Study
Simulation of dynamic orofacial movements using a constitutive law varying with muscle activation
New simple theorybased accurate polarization microscope for birefringence imaging of biological cells
Achievement of targeted posterior slope in the medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy a mathematical approach
Squeak in hip endoprosthesis systems An experimental study and a numerical technique to analyze design variants
Development of an HPTLCbased diagnostic method for invasive aspergillosis
Rapid quantification of levosulpiride in human plasma using RPHPLCMSMS for pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence study
Some factors that affect the comparison between isotropic and orthotropic inhomogeneous finite element material models of femur
Diffusion imaging of brain tumors
Relevance of collagen piezoelectricity to Wolffs Lawa critical review
Mesenchymal stem cells as therapeutics
alphaSmooth muscle actinexpressing cells and lubricin in periprosthetic tissue
Controlled induction of distributed microdeformation in wounded tissue via a microchamber array dressing
Rheological blends for drug delivery I Characterization in vitro
Selffocusing and spherical aberrations in corneal tissue during photodisruption by femtosecond laser
Rapid and sensitive determination of strychnine and brucine in human urine by capillary electrophoresis with fieldamplified sample stacking
Design and Development of LowLoss Transformer for Powering Small Implantable Medical Devices
Noninvasive imaging of prefrontal activation during attentiondemanding tasks performed while walking using a wearable optical topography system
A cellular implantation system using an injectable ultrapurified alginate gel for repair of osteochondral defects in a rabbit model
Continuous monitoring of electromyography EMG mechanomyography MMG sonomyography SMG and torque output during ramp and step isome...
Fuzzy approximate entropy analysis of chaotic and natural complex systems detecting muscle fatigue using electromyography signals
Clinical study of quantitative diagnosis of early cervical cancer based on the classification of acetowhitening kinetics
Monitoring changes of cellular metabolism and microviscosity in vitro based on timeresolved endogenous fluorescence and its anisotropy decay dyn...
Imaging dermal blood flow through the intact rat skin with an optical clearing method
Liquid chromatographypositive ion electrospray tandem mass spectrometry method for the quantification of hydrochloride meptazinol in human pla...
Spatiotemporal laser speckle contrast analysis for blood flow imaging with maximized speckle contrast
Application of indium tin oxide ITObased microheater chip with uniform thermal distribution for perfusion cell culture outside a cell incubator
A microfluidic device for depositing and addressing two cell populations with intercellular population communication capability
Bioelectrospraying and dropletbased microfluidics control of cell numbers within living residues
MR imagebased geometric and hemodynamic investigation of the right coronary artery with dynamic vessel motion
Development of a validated LC method for enantiomeric separation and determination of adrafinil and its related substances on a Chiralcel OJH colu...
Hybrid cardiopulmonary model for analysis of valsalva maneuver with radial artery pulse
Automatic Left Ventricular Contour Extraction from Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images Using Cantilever Beam and Random Walk Approach
The effects of interfacial conditions and stem length on potential failure mechanisms in the uncemented resurfaced femur
Alveolar ridge augmentation in irradiated rabbit mandibles
Spatially controlled cell adhesion on threedimensional substrates
Number of serotonin positive cells and acute cellular rejection in the early period after small bowel transplantation in pigs
Automatic liver segmentation using a statistical shape model with optimal surface detection
Sparsitypromoting tomographic fluorescence imaging with simplified spherical harmonics approximation
Detection of cancer in cervical tissue biopsies using mobile lipid resonances measured with diffusionweighted 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Purification of the 90 kDa heat shock protein hsp90 and simultaneous purification of hsp70hsc70 hsp90 and hsp96 from mammalian tissues and cells...
The effect of material model formulation in the stress analysis of abdominal aortic aneurysms
Prolinerich polypeptide complex PRP regulates secretion of inflammatory mediators by its effect on NFkappaB activity
Microdialysis based device for continuous extravascular monitoring of blood glucose
Towards treatment planning and treatment of deepseated solid tumors by electrochemotherapy
A comparison of HPLCAPCIMS and MALDIMS for characterising triacylglycerols in insects Speciesspecific composition of lipids in the fat bodies o...
Residue analysis of kresoximmethyl and boscalid in fruits vegetables and soil using liquidliquid extraction and gas chromatographymass spectrometry
HPLC method validation for measurement of sulforaphane level in broccoli byproducts
Investigators at University of Paris have published new data on biomedical engineering
Reliability of recurrence quantification analysis measures of the center of pressure during standing in individuals with musculoskeletal disorders
Numerical model for estimating RFinduced heating on a pacemaker implant during MRI experimental validation
Modeling of hemodialysis operation
Experimental and numerical characterization of magnetophoretic separation for MEMSbased biosensor applications
Quantification of Hemodynamics in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms During Rest and Exercise Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computational...
Effect of Low Level CapacitiveCoupled Pulsed Electric Field Stimulation on Mineral Profile of WeightBearing Bones in Ovariectomized Rats
Delivery of chemotherapeutic agents using drugloaded irradiated tumor cells to treat murine ovarian tumors
A surface topology and motion compensation system for microsurgery guidance and intervention based on commonpath optical coherence tomogra...
An allinone microfluidic device for parallel DNA extraction and gene analysis
Conveying Tactile Feedback in Sensorized Hand Neuroprostheses Using a Biofidelic Model of Mechanotransduction
Modeling and control of needles with torsional friction
A comparison of the ADC and T2 mapping in an assessment of bloodclot lysability
In vivo production of nanosized metal wear debris formed by tribochemical reaction as confirmed by highresolution TEM and XPS analyses
Large sizes of vertebral body replacement do not reduce the contact pressure on adjacent vertebral bodies per se
Carboxymethylchitin promotes chondrogenesis by inducing the production of growth factors from immune cells
Dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI in advanced pancreatic cancer semiautomated analysis to predict response to chemotherapy
Pluronicchitosan hydrogels containing epidermal growth factor with woundadhesive and photocrosslinkable properties
Twostage approach for detection and reduction of motion artifacts in photoplethysmographic data
Chiral separation of the beta2sympathomimetic fenoterol by HPLC and capillary zone electrophoresis for pharmacokinetic studies
Partitioned fluidsolid coupling for cardiovascular blood flow leftventricular fluid mechanics
Source separation from singlechannel recordings by combining empiricalmode decomposition and independent component analysis
HPLC of basic drugs using nonaqueous ionic eluents evaluation of a 3 mum strong cationexchange material
Segmenting clustered nuclei using Hminima transformbased marker extraction and contour parameterization
Labelfree optical control of arterial contraction
Urinary metabolic profiling of volatile organic compounds in acute exposed volunteers after an oil spill in Republic of Korea
Discrimination analysis of human lung cancer cells associated with histological type and malignancy using Raman spectroscopy
Detection of necrotic neural response in superacute cerebral ischemia using activityinduced manganeseenhanced AIM MRI
Natural killer activity of peripheralblood mononuclear cells in breast cancer patients
Preparation of biodegradable PLAPLGA membranes with PGA mesh and their application for periodontal guided tissue regeneration
Model analysis to investigate the contribution of ground substance to ligament stiffening
Development and validation of a LCMSMS method for the determination of the novel oral 114 substituted taxane derivatives IDN 5738 and IDN 58...
Highly sensitive optical detection of specific protein in breast cancer cells using microstructured fiber in extremely low sample volume
Effects of smoking schizotypy and eyes openclosed conditions on the gamma1 rhythm phase synchrony of the electroencephalogram
Determination of aconitine hypaconitine and mesaconitine in urine using hollow fiber liquidphase microextraction combined with highperformance l...
Preparation and Swelling Properties of pHSensitive Sodium AlginateLayered Double Hydroxides Hybrid Beads for Controlled Release of Diclofenac ...
Degradable metallic biomaterials Design and development of FeMn alloys for stents
Precise cell patterning using cytophobic selfassembled monolayer deposited on top of semitransparent gold
Topological flow structures and stir mixing for steady flow in a peripheral bypass graft with uncertainty
Polyvinylpyrrolidone PVP mitigates the damaging effects of intracellular ice formation in adult stem cells
Injuries in special transport servicessituations and risk levels involving wheelchair users
Photodynamic therapy superficial and interstitial illumination
VEGFE enhances endothelialization and inhibits thrombus formation on polymeric surfaces
A sensitive nonaqueous capillary electrophoresismass spectrometric method for multiresidue analyses of betaagonists in pork
Effect of lightcuring method on wear and hardness of composite resin
Chiral separation of the 2232sympathomimetic fenoterol by HPLC and capillary zone electrophoresis for pharmacokinetic studies
Validated method for bioactive lignans in Schisandra chinensis in vitro cultures using a solid phase extraction and a monolithic column application
A magnetic retrieval system for stents in the pancreaticobiliary tree
A Silicon Cochlea With Active Coupling
Biodegradable xylitolbased elastomers in vivo behavior and biocompatibility
Rheological blends for drug delivery II Prolongation of nerve blockade biocompatibility and in vitroin vivo correlations
ShackHartmann wavefrontsensorbased adaptive optics system for multiphoton microscopy
The estimation of the cardiac timevarying parameters during the ejection phase of the cardiac cycle using the Ito calculus
Fractionated manganese injections effects on MRI contrast enhancement and physiological measures in C57BL6 mice
Accuracy of microvascular measurements obtained from microCT images
Hydrogelmediated DNA delivery confers estrogenic response in nonresponsive osteoblast cells
In vivo biodegradation and biocompatibility of PEGsebacic acidbased hydrogels using a cage implant system
Concentration and Time Effects of Dextran Exposure on Endothelial Cell Viability Attachment and Inflammatory Marker Expression In Vitro
Simultaneous identification of oculomotor subsystems using a hybrid system approach introducing hybrid extended least squares
Electrospun polyurethane vascular grafts in vitro mechanical behavior and endothelial adhesion molecule expression
Highly reproducible sweptsource dispersionencoded fullrange biometry and imaging of the mouse eye
Estimating the parameter distributions of defibrillation shock efficacy curves in a large population
A potential protective effect of alphatocopherol on vascular complication in spinal cord reperfusion injury in rats
Comparison of oxidative capacity among leg muscles in humans using gated 31P 2D chemical shift imaging
Development of a rapid and sensitive LCMSMS assay for the determination of combretastatin A4 phosphate combretastatin A4 and combretastatin A...
The correlation of 3D DTMRI fiber disruption with structural and mechanical degeneration in porcine myocardium
In vivo evaluation of 1393 bioactive glass scaffolds with trabecular and oriented microstructures in a subcutaneous rat implantation model
Deterioration of traditional dietary custom increases the risk of lifestylerelated diseases in young male Africans
Acute dosimetry and estimation of thresholdinducing behavioral signs of thermal stress in rabbits at 245GHz microwave exposure
Powerful actuation of magnetized microtools by focused magnetic field for particle sorting in a chip
A validated LCMSMS method for determination of sertaconazole nitrate in human plasma
Measurement of fexofenadine concentration in microsample human plasma by a rapid and sensitive LCMSMS employing protein precipitation applic...
Preparation of a superlong two column chromatography system and its application in separating glycosylated puerarin
Square law between spatial frequency of spatial correlation function of scattering potential of tissue and spectrum of scattered light
In vitro evaluation of the bioactive factors preserved in porcine small intestinal submucosa through cellular biological approaches
Chemical adhesion rather than mechanical retention enhances resin bond durability of a dental glassceramic with leucite crystallites
Singlelead fetal electrocardiogram estimation by means of combining Rpeak detection resampling and comb filter
A novel coronary artery bypass graft design of sequential anastomoses
Fluorescence lifetime discrimination using expectationmaximization algorithm with joint deconvolution
Evaluation of hypericinmediated photodynamic therapy in combination with angiogenesis inhibitor bevacizumab using in vivo fluorescence confoca...
On normalized MSE analysis of speech fundamental frequency in the cochlear implantlike spectrally reduced speech
An integrated microfluidic chip for nonimmunological determination of urinary albumin
Waterassisted CO2 laser ablated glass and modified thermal bonding for capillarydriven biofluidic application
Protein purification involving a unique autocleavage feature of a repeated EAAAK peptide
Development and testing of a perspiration measuring system
Immobilization Stabilization and Activation of Human Stem Cell Factor SCF on FragminProtamine Microparticle FP MPCoated Plates
Differential behaviour of normal transformed and Fanconis anemia lymphoblastoid cells to modeled microgravity
Cell micropatterning on an albuminbased substrate using an inkjet printing technique
Quality control of PET radiopharmaceuticals by highperformance liquid chromatography with tris22bipyridylrutheniumII electrogenerated chemilu...
Evaluation of polydimethylsiloxane modification methods for cell response
Applications of capillary electrophoresis with capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection CECDD4 in pharmaceutical and biological anal...
Ex vivo assays of CEM cells cultured and treated in the three dimensional cultures
Noise correlations and SNR in phasedarray MRS
Biomechanical comparisons of different posterior instrumentation constructs after twolevel ALIF a finite element study
Interactions between chitosan and cells measured by AFM
Patterned PDMS based cell array system a novel method for fast cell array fabrication
A biophysical elucidation for less toxicity of agglutinin than abrina from the seeds of Abrus precatorius in consequence of crystal structure
Formation of biodegradable microcapsules utilizing 3D selectively surfacemodified PDMS microfluidic devices
Trypsininduced proteome alteration during cell subculture in mammalian cells
Geometric variability of the abdominal aorta and its major peripheral branches
Coreshell microspheres via coaxial electrohydrodynamic atomization for sequential and parallel release of drugs
Technique for the computation of lower leg muscle bulk from magnetic resonance images
Response of UMR 106 cells exposed to titanium oxide and aluminum oxide nanoparticles
A putative lytic transglycosylase tightly regulated and critical for the EHEC type three secretion
Multidistance probe arrangement to eliminate artifacts in functional nearinfrared spectroscopy
New antimicrobials findings from EL Perry and coauthors described
New biomedical optics findings from H Grun and coresearchers published
New biomedical optics research reported from S Yazdanfar and coauthors
New findings from FF Sousa and coauthors describe advances in endodontics
New findings from O Carvalho and coauthors describe advances in biomedical optics
New findings from Y Baril and coauthors in the area of fatigue published
New health and medicine research from University Hospital Department of Surgery outlined
New lysosomal storage disease study findings have been reported from S Magnitsky et al
New nanotechnology research from Federal University of Minas Gerais discussed
New paroxetine therapy study results reported from M Bhatt et al
Effective medium theory of a diffusionweighted signal
Monte Carlo study of a twocompartment exchange model of diffusion
Performance evaluation of a 32element head array with respect to the ultimate intrinsic SNR
Imageguided radiofrequency gain calibration for highfield MRI
Principal component analysis as a tool for analyzing beattobeat changes in ECG features application to ECGderived respiration
Application of higher order statisticsspectra in biomedical signalsa review
An outbreak of body weight dissatisfaction associated with selfperceived BMI and dieting among female pharmacy students
Ion chromatography tandem mass spectrometry for simultaneous confirmation and determination of indandione rodenticides in serum
Formation of nanosized phosphonic acid self assembled monolayers on cobaltchromium alloy for potential biomedical applications
Computer modeling of controlled microsphere release and targeting in a representative hepatic artery system
Acquiring 3D information about thick objects from differential interference contrast images using texture extraction
Quantitative HPLC method and pharmacokinetic studies of ergosta4681422tetraen3one a natural product with diuretic activity from Polyporus umbe...
Simultaneous determination of eight major steroids from Polyporus umbellatus by highperformance liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectr...
Overground walking speed changes when subjected to body weight support conditions for nonimpaired and post stroke individuals
Realtime fullfield photoacoustic imaging using an ultrasonic camera
Assessment of early docetaxel response in an experimental model of human breast cancer using DCEMRI ex vivo HR MAS and in vivo 1H MRS
Quantification of metabolites in breast cancer patients with different clinical prognosis using HR MAS MR spectroscopy
Guidewire tracking during endovascular neurosurgery
Implications of available design space for identification of nonimmunogenic protein therapeutics
Micropillar fabrication on bovine cortical bone by directwrite femtosecond laser ablation
Labelfree and highly sensitive optical imaging of detailed microcirculation within meninges and cortex in mice with the cranium left intact
Unobtrusive and ubiquitous inhome monitoring a methodology for continuous assessment of gait velocity in elders
Elastic characteristics of microspherical embolic agents used for vascular interventional radiology
Modeling alveolar volume changes during periodic breathing in heterogeneously ventilated lungs
Comparison of left ventricular volumes and ejection fraction assessment by twodimensional echocardiography compared with gated myocardial spect...
Hemolytic disease in the newborn history and prevention in the world and the Czech Republic
Intramedullary spinal cord and cauda equina metastasis of breast carcinoma case report
Benzylaminated dextranmodified hydrogels a longterm bioactive TGFbeta1 carrier
An automatic microturbidostat for bacterial culture at constant density
Software controlling algorithms for the system performance optimization of confocal laser scanning microscope
Numerical field calculations considering the human subject for engineering and safety assurance in MRI
CMOS Ultrasound Transceiver Chip for HighResolution Ultrasonic Imaging Systems
Comparative analysis of methods for automatic detection and quantification of microvolt Twave alternans
Symbolic dynamic analysis of relations between cardiac and breathing cycles in patients on weaning trials
Combined method for reduction of high frequency interferences in surface electroenterogram EEnG
Modulation of impact of high fat diet in pathological and physiological left ventricular cardiac hypertrophy by fluvastatin
Magnetic Tracking System for Radiation Therapy
Spatially varying properties of the vocal ligament contribute to its eigenfrequency response
In vitro biocompatibility of hydroxyapatitereinforced polymeric composites manufactured by selective laser sintering
Development and validation of a dried blood spotLCAPCIMS assay for estimation of canrenone in paediatric samples
Long term in vivo degradation and tissue response to photocrosslinked elastomers prepared from starshaped prepolymers of polyepsiloncaprolactone...
Macroporous photocrosslinked elastomer scaffolds containing microposity preparation and in vitro degradation properties
Use of the fast orthogonal search method to estimate optimal joint angle for upper limb Hillmuscle models
Anisotropy of spin relaxation of water protons in cartilage and tendon
31P magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging with polarisation transfer of phosphomono and diesters at 3 T in the human brain relation with age an...
In vivo bioactivity of DNAbased coatings an experimental study in rats
Numerical analysis of variations in posterior cruciate ligament properties and balancing techniques on total knee arthroplasty loading
Recent findings from BD Torres and coauthors highlight research in cardiology
Recent findings from Research Center highlight research in pharmacokinetics
Recent findings in mass spectrometry described by YW Ha and colleagues
Report summarizes life sciences study findings from BH Thomas and coresearchers
Reports by LF Bastos and coresearchers describe recent advances in medical engineering and physics
Reports from University Iberoamericana highlight recent research in biomedical engineering
Reports from Y Li et al highlight recent research in cardiology
Reports summarize biomedical optics research from R Avilesespinosa and coauthors
Reports summarize neuroengineering research from D Akkurt and coauthors
Different apoptosis modalities in periprosthetic membranes
Is it necessary to deplete the lymphokine activated killers populations of CD4+CD25+ lymphocytes? Regulatory Foxp3positive T cells within lympho...
Research from D Zietkowski and coresearchers in the area of magnetic resonance published
Research from G Scherer et al has provided new information about smoking
Research from GB Prange et al broadens understanding of neuroengineering
Research from LF Kang and coauthors yields new data on biomedical materials research
Research from NHS Foundation Trust provides new data about life sciences
Research from P Zhou et al has provided new information about biomedical microdevices
Research from S Arbamosquera and colleagues has provided new data on biomedical optics
Research from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon yields new findings on prostheses
Hydrophilic interaction chromatographytandem mass spectrometry for the determination of melamine in royal jelly and royal jelly lyophilized powder
Osteoconductivity of strontiumdoped bioactive glass particles a histomorphometric study in rats
Research on dextromethorphan therapy detailed by scientists at University of Thessaloniki Department of Pharmacognosy
Research reports from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven provide new insights into medical engineering and physics
Research results from C Grasl and colleagues update understanding of vascular grafts
Researchers from College of Staten Island publish new studies and findings in the area of spinal cord injury
Design and validation of a novel splashing bioreactor system for use in mitral valve organ culture
Engaging undergraduates to solve global health challenges a new approach based on bioengineering design
Evaluation of quantitative image analysis criteria for the highresolution microendoscopic detection of neoplasia in Barretts esophagus
Widefield fourchannel fluorescence imager for biological applications
Dynamic measurement of lumbar curvature using fibreoptic sensors
Effect of recombinant human transforming growth factorbeta2 dose on bone formation in rat femur titanium implant model
Alterations in the characteristic size distributions of subcellular scatterers at the onset of apoptosis effect of BclxL and BaxBak
Computerized imagebased detection and grading of lymphocytic infiltration in HER2+ breast cancer histopathology
Concurrent release of admixed antimicrobials and salicylic acid from salicylatebased polyanhydrideesters
Interplay of anionic charge polyethylene glycol and iodinated tyrosine incorporation within tyrosinederived polycarbonates Effects on vascular smo...
Cytocompatibility of high strength nonoxide ceramics
Intravital fluorescent microscopic evaluation of bacterial cellulose as scaffold for vascular grafts
A model for studying human articular cartilage integration in vitro
In vitro evaluation of mechanical characteristics of a novel Patent Ductus Arteriosus PDA occlusion device with a new lateral pressure measurement st...
Numerical investigation of the performance of three hinge designs of bileaflet mechanical heart valves
Simulation of the threedimensional hinge flow fields of a bileaflet mechanical heart valve under aortic conditions
Quality assessment of Cortex Phellodendri by highperformance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Sixstage cascade paramagnetic mode magnetophoretic separation system for human blood samples
Optimization and quality assessment of the postdigestion O18 labeling based on urea for protein denaturation by HPLCESITOF mass spectrometry
A new twopulse synthesis model for digital volume pulse signal analysis
Rapid method for the confirmatory analysis of chrysoidine in aquaculture products by ultraperformance liquid chromatographytandem mass spectro...
Scientists at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona discuss research in acute hyperglycemia
Analysis of the constituents in rat plasma after oral administration of Shexiang Baoxin pill by HPLCESIMSMS
Application of an efficient strategy based on MAE HPLCDADMSMS and HSCCC for the rapid extraction identification separation and purification o...
Measurement of bisphenol A and bisphenol B levels in human blood sera from healthy and endometriotic women
Wear performance of selfmating contact pairs of TiN and TiAlN coatings on orthopedic grade Ti6Al4V
The effect of Zr content on the microstructure mechanical properties and cell attachment of Ti35NbxZr alloys
Analysis of amplitudeintegrated EEG in the newborn based on approximate entropy
A sensitive and specific HPGPCFD method for the study of pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of Radix Ophiopogonis polysaccharide in rats
Modeling the relationship between wrist angle and muscle thickness during wrist flexionextension based on the bonemuscle lever system a compariso...
Development of a liquid chromatographyisotope dilution mass spectrometry method for quantification of fentanyl in human plasma
Robust detection of premature ventricular contractions using a wavebased Bayesian framework
A rapid and reliable UPLCMSMS method for the identification and quantification of fourteen synthetic antidiabetic drugs in adulterated Chinese pro...
Determination and pharmacokinetics of periplocin in rat plasma by LCMS
Pharmacokinetics of luteolin and tetraacetylluteolin assayed by HPLC in rats after oral administration
Direct electrical stimulation using a batteryoperated device for induction and modulation of colonic contractions in pigs
Surface EMG pattern recognition for realtime control of a wrist exoskeleton
Integrated autofluorescence endoscopic imaging and pointwise spectroscopy for realtime in vivo tissue measurements
Quantitative characterization of optical and physiological parameters in normal breasts using timeresolved spectroscopy in vivo results of 19 Singapo...
Surface modification of PCLTCP scaffolds improve interfacial mechanical interlock and enhance early bone formation An in vitro and in vivo chara...
Surface modification of PCLTCP scaffolds in rabbit calvaria defects Evaluation of scaffold degradation profile biomechanical properties and bone he...
Image reconstruction of fluorescent molecular tomography based on the tree structured Schur complement decomposition
Effect of combination of taurine and azelaic acid on antimelanogenesis in murine melanoma cells
A novel hydrophilic polylactidecoglycolidelecithin hybrid microspheres sintered scaffold for bone repair
Fabrication structure and biological properties of organic acidderived solgel bioactive glasses
A novel basalt fiberreinforced polylactic acid composite for hard tissue repair
A multiscale modeling approach to scaffold design and property prediction
A highthroughput screening HTS immunochemical method for the analysis of stanozolol metabolites in cattle urine samples
Simultaneous determination of niacin and its metabolitesnicotinamide nicotinuric acid and Nmethyl2pyridone5carboxamidein human plasma by LC...
Rapid highperformance liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry method for simultaneous measurement of venlafaxine and Odesmethylven...
Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the cerebellum
Assessing delivery and quantifying efficacy of small interfering ribonucleic acid therapeutics in the skin using a dualaxis confocal microscope
Automatic generation of a subjectspecific model for accurate markerless motion capture and biomechanical applications
Imagebased modeling of blood flow and vessel wall dynamics applications methods and future directions Sixth International BioFluid Mechanics Sy...
Inspired gasinduced vascular change in tumors with magneticresonanceguided nearinfrared imaging human breast pilot study
Microfluidic platforms for singlecell analysis
A timebased potential step analysis of electrochemical impedance incorporating a constant phase element a study of commercially pure titanium in ph...
Estimation of respiratory rate from ECG photoplethysmogram and piezoelectric pulse transducer signals a comparative study of timefrequency meth...
Determination of chlorpheniramine in human plasma by HPLCESIMSMS application to a dexchlorpheniramine comparative bioavailability study
Antitrypanosomal and antileishmanial activities of novel Nalkyl1phenylsubstitutedbetacarboline3carboxamides
Towards nonthrombogenic performance of blood recirculating devices
Studies by AV Bui and coauthors describe new findings in medical engineering and physics
Studies from HDEA Almeida et al add new findings in the area of medical engineering and physics
Studies from HQ Li et al in the area of cataract described
Studies from JC Menard et al have provided new data on perfusion
Studies from National University of Ireland in the area of bone research published
Studies from OB Thompson et al have provided new data on perfusion
Studies from S Balint et al add new findings in the area of biomedical optics
Studies from T Bork et al have provided new data on hydrocephalus
Studies from University Hospital provide new data on postoperative nausea and vomiting
Studies in the area of biomedical materials research reported from DMG Cruz and coresearchers
Study data from R Goncalves and colleagues update understanding of health and medicine
Study data from University Hospital Department of Diagnostic Radiology update understanding of mathematics
Study findings from M Sakurai et al provide new insights into science
Effect of surface microstructure and wettability on plasma protein adsorption to ZnO thin films prepared at different RF powers
Structure and haemocompatibility of ZnO films deposited by radio frequency sputtering
Superior biocompatibility and osteogenic efficacy of microarc oxidationtreated titanium implants in the canine mandible
Doppler optical coherence tomography for interventional cardiovascular guidance in vivo feasibility and forwardviewing probe flow phantom demo...
The influence of heat treatment and plastic deformation on the biodegradation of a MgYRE alloy
Evaluation of 6176Cogamma radiosterilization on Chinese medicines with HPLCFTIR
Predicting effects of blood flow rate and size of vessels in a vasculature on hyperthermia treatments using computer simulation
Assessment of pulmonary flow using impedance pneumography
First theoretic analysis of magnetic drug targeting in the lung
Modelorder selection in Zernike polynomial expansion of corneal surfaces using the efficient detection criterion
Signal power decrease due to fringe washout as an extension of the limited Doppler flow measurement range in spectral domain optical coherence to...
Microfluidic DNA microarrays in PMMA chips streamlined fabrication via simultaneous DNA immobilization and bonding activation by brief UV ex...
Metrological characterization of a cycleergometer to optimize the cycling induced by functional electrical stimulation on patients with stroke
A system and mathematical framework to model shear flow effects in biomedical DWimaging and spectroscopy
From singlepulsed field gradient to doublepulsed field gradient MR gleaning new microstructural information and developing new forms of contrast ...
Monitoring of the effect of intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus ablation by MRI
In vivo simultaneous morphological and biochemical optical imaging of oral epithelial cancer
Micromacro hybrid softlithography master MMHSM fabrication for labonachip applications
Overexpression of hTFF2 in the pET system and its in vitro pharmacological characterization
PLGA conduit seeded with olfactory ensheathing cells for bridging sciatic nerve defect of rats
Study of the surface wear resistance and biological properties of the TiZrNbSn alloy for dental restoration
Development of a fluorimetric detection method for cinnabarinic acid using orthotolyl hydrazine as the derivatization reagent
Assisting the diagnosis of Graves hyperthyroidism with Bayesiantype and SOMtype neural networks by making use of a set of three routine tests and ...
ATP transport in saccular cerebral aneurysms at arterial bends
Effects of GammaRay Irradiation on Mechanical Properties Osteoconductivity and Absorption of Porous HydroxyapatiteCollagen
Arraygain constraint minimumnorm spatial filter with recursively updated gram matrix for biomagnetic source imaging
Preventive effect of JTE522 a selective cyclooxygenase2 inhibitor on DENinduced hepatocarcinogenesis in rats
Microtubebased electrode arrays for low invasive extracellular recording with a high signaltonoise ratio
Exogenous crosslinking recovers the functional integrity of intervertebral disc secondary to a stab injury
Chondrogenesis and integration of mesenchymal stem cells within an in vitro cartilage defect repair model
A parallel excitation based fluorescence molecular tomography system for wholebody simultaneous imaging of small animals
Onestep synthesis of chitosansilica hybrid microspheres in a microfluidic device
Preparation and characterization of chitosanheparin composite matrices for blood contacting tissue engineering
A model for the stretchmediated enzymatic degradation of silk fibers
BioDome regenerative sleeve for biochemical and biophysical stimulation of tissue regeneration
Fluid transfer as a mechanism leading to endotension
Enterovirus type 71 2A protease functions as a transcriptional activator in yeast
Photogrammetric measurement of initial tooth displacement under tensile force
Effect of subcutaneous fat thickness and surface electrode configuration during neuromuscular electrical stimulation
Towards using photoplethysmogram amplitude to measure blood pressure during sleep
Latex use as an occlusive membrane for guided bone regeneration
Effect of bone sialoprotein coating of ceramic and synthetic polymer materials on in vitro osteogenic cell differentiation and in vivo bone formation
Singlevoxel MRS with prospective motion correction and retrospective frequency correction
Retrieval of Recovery IVC Filter after 383 days
Diffusion tensor imaging of the human calf muscle distinct changes in fractional anisotropy and mean diffusion due to passive muscle shortening and...
Microbial biofilm growth versus tissue integration on biomaterials with different wettabilities and a polymerbrush coating
Comparison of Cornea Module and DermaInspect for noninvasive imaging of ocular surface pathologies
Combined photoacoustic and obliqueincidence diffuse reflectance system for quantitative photoacoustic imaging in turbid media
Nonlinear trend estimation of the ventricular repolarization segment for Twave alternans detection
The role of biofluid mechanics in the assessment of clinical and pathological observations sixth International BioFluid Mechanics Symposium and W...
Love songs bird brains and diffusion tensor imaging
Biomechanical properties of recurrent laryngeal nerve in the piglet
Encapsulation of ePTFE in prevascularized collagen leads to periimplant vascularization with reduced inflammation
Experimental Study of a TET System for Implantable Biomedical Devices
Large eddy simulation of high frequency oscillating flow in an asymmetric branching airway model
A computer model of the artificially ventilated human respiratory system in adult intensive care
Modeling and simulation of flexible needles
Realtime imaging of interactions between dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine monolayers and gelatin based nanoparticles using Brewster angle microsco...
The mechanical properties of endovascular stents an in vitro assessment
A primary current distribution model of a novel microelectroporation channel configuration
Biophysical mechanisms of singlecell interactions with microtopographical cues
Fabrication of arbitrary polymer patterns for cell study by twophoton polymerization process
Statistical approach to the unfolding of mechanically stressed biopolymers
Screening smallmolecule compound microarrays for protein ligands without fluorescence labeling with a highthroughput scanning microscope
Spatial and temporalcontrolled tissue heating on a modified clinical ultrasound scanner for generating mild hyperthermia in tumors
Comparison of cobinamide to hydroxocobalamin in reversing cyanide physiologic effects in rabbits using diffuse optical spectroscopy monitoring
Needle electrodebased electromechanical reshaping of cartilage
Scanning laser image correlation for measurement of flow
Towards a singlechip implantable RFID system is a singlecell radio possible?
Characterizing pulmonary blood flow distribution measured using arterial spin labeling
Comparison of conventional filtering and independent component analysis for artifact reduction in simultaneous gastric EMG and magnetogastrogra...
Interfacial shear strength in abalone nacre
Mapping the spatiotemporal dynamics of calcium signaling in cellular neural networks using optical flow
Combined DCEMRI and singlevoxel 2D MRS for differentiation between benign and malignant breast lesions
Correlation of endorectal 2D JPRESS findings with pathological Gleason scores in prostate cancer patients
Elastic properties of porcine ocular posterior soft tissues
7T human spine imaging arrays with adjustable inductive decoupling
Enhanced differentiation of retinal progenitor cells using microfabricated topographical cues
Nondestructive assessment of the severity of occlusal caries lesions with nearinfrared imaging at 1310 nm
Circuit and Coil Design for InVitro Magnetic Neural Stimulation Systems
Biological and mechanical properties of novel composites based on supramolecular polycaprolactone and functionalized hydroxyapatite
Mechanical loadings on pectoral pacemaker implants correlation of inline and transverse force of the Pectoralis major
Image reconstruction in photoacoustic tomography with variable speed of sound using a higherorder geometrical acoustics approximation
Automated sleepspindle detection in healthy children polysomnograms
Characterization and in vitro hemocompatibility of bisoft segment polycaprolactonebased polyEster urethane urea membranes
Development and validation of a sensitive assay for the quantification of imatinib using LCLCMSMS in human whole blood and cell culture
Quantification of hemodynamic wall shear stress in patients with bicuspid aortic valve using phasecontrast MRI
Chitosan scaffolds for osteochondral tissue regeneration
Correlation between longitudinal circumferential and radial moduli in cortical bone effect of mineral content
Light shadowing effect of large breast lesions imaged by optical tomography in reflection geometry
ERCC1 expression in aseptic loosening after total hip replacement
Modeling the tortuosity of retinal vessels does caliber play a role?
Optical spectral imaging of degeneration of articular cartilage
Hardware implementation algorithm and error analysis of highspeed fluorescence lifetime sensing systems using centerofmass method
A new method for calculating eye movement displacement from AC coupled electrooculographic signals in head mounted eyegaze input interfaces
Binary segmentation masks can improve intrasubject registration accuracy of bone structures in CT images
In vitro biocompatibility evaluation of surfacemodified titanium alloys
Spectral imaging reveals microvessel physiology and function from anastomoses to thromboses
Surrogate articular contact models for computationally efficient multibody dynamic simulations
Application of the nosampling linear sampling method to breast cancer detection
In Vivo Evaluation of Noble Metal Coatings
Novel polyurethanes with interconnected porous structure induce in vivo tissue remodeling and accompanied vascularization
Reproducibility of standing posture for Xray radiography a feasibility study of the BalancAid with healthy young subjects
Development of a novel statistical model for mandibular kinematics
3D quantification of the aortic arch morphology in 3D CTA data for endovascular aortic repair
An automated ECGartifact removal method for trunk muscle surface EMG recordings
MR diffusion kurtosis imaging for neural tissue characterization
Functional morphology analysis of the left anterior descending coronary artery in EBCT images
Feasible stability region in the frontal plane during human gait
Microfluidic perifusion and imaging device for multiparametric islet function assessment
Reactive control and its operation limits in responding to a novel slip in gait
Sizebased separation and collection of mouse pancreatic islets for functional analysis
Blood screening using diffraction phase cytometry
Effect of specimen geometry on tensile strength of cortical bone
Numerical modeling of long bone adaptation due to mechanical loading correlation with experiments
Airway wall stiffening increases peak wall shear stress a fluidstructure interaction study in rigid and compliant airways
An algorithm for online detection of temporal changes in operator cognitive state using realtime psychophysiological data
Quantitative analysis of adhesive resin in the hybrid layer using Raman spectroscopy
Entropy of balancesome recent results
Mechanical evaluation of largesize fourthgeneration composite femur and tibia models
AdhesiveDentin interface the weak link in the composite restoration
An HPLC assay for the lipophilic camptothecin analog AR67 carboxylate and lactone in human whole blood
Development of a costeffective torsional unit for rodent long bone assessment
Dynamical correlation of nonstationary signals in time domainA comparative study
A principal component regression approach for estimation of ventricular repolarization characteristics
Cement mantle stress under retroversion torque at heelstrike
Effect of cup inclination angle during microseparation and rim loading on the wear of BIOLOX174 delta ceramiconceramic total hip replacement
Heat and mass transfer under an infant radiant warmerdevelopment of a numerical model
Longitudinal acoustic properties of polylactic acid and polylacticcoglycolic acid
Experimental validation of convectiondiffusion discretisation scheme employed for computational modelling of biological mass transport
Factors that affect mass transport from drug eluting stents into the artery wall
Evaluation of upper extremity robotassistances in subacute and chronic stroke subjects
Improved method for identifying and quantifying olive oil phenolic compounds and their metabolites in human plasma by microelution solidphase e...
A Micropower TiltProcessing Circuit
Modulation of cell growth on exposure to silkworm and spider silk fibers
Acquiring variable moment arms for index finger using a robotic testbed
The patellar tendon bar Is it a necessary feature?
A method to solve the forward problem in magnetic induction tomography based on the weakly coupled field approximation
In vitro and in vivo testing of novel ultrathin PCL and PCLPLA blend films as peripheral nerve conduit
Effects of unilateral robotic limb loading on gait characteristics in subjects with chronic stroke
Aging and the reduction in fracture toughness of human dentin
An efficient technique for adjusting and maintaining specific hydration levels in soft biological tissues in vitro
Long term in vitro biostability of segmented polyisobutylenebased thermoplastic polyurethanes
Association of cardiac autonomic neuropathy with alteration of sympathovagal balance through heart rate variability analysis
Muscle and joint function in human locomotion
Acrossfrequency delays based on the cochlear traveling wave enhanced speech presentation for cochlear implants
In vitro biomechanical evaluation of antegrade femoral nailing at early and late postoperative stages
Mechanical properties of low modulus beta titanium alloys designed from the electronic approach
Assessment of vibrotactile feedback on postural stability during pseudorandom multidirectional platform motion
Guided corona generates wettability patterns that selectively direct cell attachment inside closed microchannels
Improved preservation of the tissue surrounding percutaneous devices by hyaluronic acid and dermatan sulfate in a human skin explant model
In situ and ex vivo evaluation of a wireless magnetoelastic biliary stent monitoring system
Physiological fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy improves Forster resonance energy transfer detection in living cells
Quantitative polarized Raman spectroscopy in highly turbid bone tissue
Transdermal power transfer for recharging implanted drug delivery devices via the refill port
Using indepth investigations to identify transportation safety issues for wheelchairseated occupants of motor vehicles
Bioinspired superhydrophobic polyLlactic acid surfaces control bone marrow derived cells adhesion and proliferation
Characterization of dextrinbased hydrogels rheology biocompatibility and degradation
Gellan gum A new biomaterial for cartilage tissue engineering applications
MCMbased microlaboratory for simultaneous measurement of several biochemical parameters by spectrophotometry
A simulation tool to study highfrequency chest compression energy transfer mechanisms and waveforms for pulmonary disease applications
Effect of cyclosporine on drug transport and pharmacokinetics of nifedipine
Noninvasive quantification of human brain ascorbate concentration using 1H NMR spectroscopy at 7 T
Adaptive transthoracic refocusing of dualmode ultrasound arrays
Correcting opticalaxis calculation in polarizationsensitive optical coherence tomography
In Vivo Outcomes of TissueEngineered Osteochondral Grafts
Contrastenhanced digital holographic imaging of cellular structures by manipulating the intracellular refractive index
Treatment of stem fractures in tumor prostheses by connecting different systems with a special adapter
Effect of hyaluronic acid amide derivative on equine synovial fluid viscoelasticity
Comparative study of A HPLCMS assay versus an UHPLCMSMS for antitumoral alkyl lysophospholipid edelfosine determination in both biological ...
The effect of pharmacological treatment on gait biomechanics in peripheral arterial disease patients
Design of a Tunable AllDigital UWB Pulse Generator CMOS Chip for Wireless Endoscope
Application of an optical clearing agent during noninvasive laser coagulation of the canine vas deferens
Corrosion resistance and in vitro response of laserdeposited TiNbZrTa alloys for orthopedic implant applications
Anatomic variation in the elastic anisotropy of cortical bone tissue in the human femur
Characterization of indentation response and stiffness reduction of bone using a continuum damage model
Mechanical evaluation of porous titanium Ti6Al4V structures with electron beam melting EBM
Impact of trace elements on biocompatibility of titanium scaffolds
Rapid and specific highperformance liquid chromatography for the in vitro quantification of DLys6GnRH in a microemulsiontype formulation in the...
Retrieval analysis and in vitro assessment of strength durability and distraction of a modular total hip replacement
Accurate Telemonitoring of Parkinsons disease Progression by Noninvasive Speech Tests
Effects of autoregulation and CO2 reactivity on cerebral oxygen transport
Modeling the role of the coronary vasculature during external field stimulation
Stimulus Protocol Determines the Most Computationally Efficient Preconditioner for the Bidomain Equations
Constitutive formulation and analysis of heel pad tissues mechanics
Hyaluronanbased scaffold for in vivo regeneration of the rat vena cava Preliminary results in an animal model
Biomechanical behaviour of oesophageal tissues Material and structural configuration experimental data and constitutive analysis
Absorption and tissue distribution of a novel carboxymethyldextran after oral administration
Prototype of Video Endoscopic Capsule With 3D Imaging Capabilities
Rough surface topography enhances the activation of Wnt223catenin signaling in mesenchymal cells
Simultaneous quantification of oleuropein and its metabolites in rat plasma by liquid chromatography electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrome...
Phenylbutyrate induces apoptosis and lipid accumulations via a peroxisome proliferatoractivated receptor gammadependent pathway
An integrated selfcontained microfluidic cassette for isolation amplification and detection of nucleic acids
Bacterial plaque retention on oral hard materials effect of surface roughness surface composition and physisorbed polycarboxylate
Cytokine antagonism reduces pain and modulates spinal astrocytic reactivity after cervical nerve root compression
Fingeractuated selfcontained immunoassay cassettes
Infraspinatus and Supraspinatus Tendon Strain Explained Using Multiple Regression Models
Quantitative mitochondrial redox imaging of breast cancer metastatic potential
Automating analyses of the distal femur articular geometry based on threedimensional surface data
Experimental validation of a theoretical model of cytokine capture using a hemoadsorption device
Neurorehabilitation using the virtual reality based Rehabilitation Gaming System methodology design psychometrics usability and validation
A shape guided CV model to segment the levator ani muscle in axial magnetic resonance images
Chitosanbased gene delivery vectors targeted to the peripheral nervous system
The stability of selfassembled monolayers with time and under biological conditions
Tribological properties of Tibased alloys in a simulated boneimplant interface with Ringers solution at fretting contacts
Attractor structure discriminates sleep states recurrence plot analysis applied to infant breathing patterns
Nonlinear features for singlechannel diagnosis of sleepdisordered breathing diseases
Motion analysis in delirium A discrete approach in determining physical activity for the purpose of delirium motoric subtyping
The interface between generating renal tubules and a polyester fleece in comparison to the interstitium of the developing kidney
Fundamental frequency and regularity of cardiac electrograms with Fourier organization analysis
A new material for hip prosthesis without considerable debris release
In vivo analysis of biocompatibility and vascularization of the synthetic bone grafting substitute NanoBone
Relationships between total and nonrecoverable strain fields in glenohumeral capsule during shoulder subluxation
Pupil tracking with a HartmannShack wavefront sensor
A method to estimate EMG crosstalk between two muscles based on the silent period following an Hreflex
New methodology to assess activity status of occlusal caries in primary teeth using laser fluorescence device
Vibrationinduced extra torque during electricallyevoked contractions of the human calf muscles
Sensitive LCMSMS method for the determination of tiopronin in human plasma
Numerical analysis of fieldmodulated electroosmotic flows in microchannels with arbitrary numbers and configurations of discrete electrodes
Assay and stabilityindicating micellar electrokinetic chromatography method for the simultaneous determination of valacyclovir acyclovir and their ...
Simultaneous determination of atenolol and amiloride in pharmaceutical preparations by capillary zone electrophoresis with capacitively coupled con...
A regulator for pressurecontrolled totalliquid ventilation
Polymer fibers as contact guidance to orient microvascularization in a 3D environment
Keratoconus crosslinkinduction comparison between fitting exponential function and a fitting equation obtained by a mathematical model
Spiral and square microstructured surfaces the effect of the decreasing size of photoimmobilized hyaluronan domains on cell growth
Modeling radial viscoelastic behavior of left ventricle based on MRI tissue phase mapping
Finite element analysis of unicompartmental knee arthroplasty
Fracture toughness and compressive properties of cancellous bone at the head of the femur and relationships to noninvasive skeletal assessment meas...
Mesh morphing for finite element analysis of implant positioning in cementless total hip replacements
Statistical modelling of the whole human femur incorporating geometric and material properties
Methods for compensating for variable electrode contact in EIT
Electrocardiogram signals to assess zebrafish heart regeneration implication of long QT intervals
Powering an implantable minipump with a multilayered printed circuit coil for drug infusion applications in rodents
Light forces the pace optical manipulation for biophotonics
Transient transfection of mammalian cells using a violet diode laser
Caffeine and paraxanthine HPLC assay for CYP1A2 phenotype assessment using saliva and plasma
Optimizing heart rate regulation for safe exercise
Tailoring the degradation kinetics of mesoporous silicon structures through PEGylation
Adaptive spectral window sizes for extraction of diagnostic features from optical spectra
Development of a protein sensing device utilizing interactions between polyaniline and a polymer acid dopant
Handheld histologyequivalent sectioning laserscanning confocal optical microscope for interventional imaging
Lookuptable method for imaging optical properties with structured illumination beyond the diffusion theory regime
Combined micro and macro additive manufacturing of a swirling flow coaxial phacoemulsifier sleeve with internal microvanes
Highyield expression and purification of the Hsp90associated p23 FKBP52 HOP and SGT alpha proteins
A recursive waveletbased strategy for realtime cochlear implant speech processing on PDA platforms
Effects of lowintensity pulsed ultrasound on the expression and activity of hyaluronan synthase and hyaluronidase in IL1223stimulated synovial cells
Synthetic prostacycline agonist ONO1301 ameliorates left ventricular dysfunction and cardiac fibrosis in cardiomyopathic hamsters
Control of cell function on a phospholipid polymer having phenylboronic acid moiety
Phasecompensated averaging for analyzing electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography epochs
3D augmented reality for MRIguided surgery using integral videography autostereoscopic image overlay
Nonlinear multicontrast microscopy of hematoxylinandeosinstained histological sections
A cardiorespiratory classifier of voluntary and involuntary electrodermal activity
Baseline characteristics of dualaxis cervical accelerometry signals
Image registration demonstrates the growth plate has a variable affect on vertebral strain
Investigation of mechanical properties of soft hydrogel microcapsules in relation to protein delivery using a MEMS force sensor
Posturographic measures in healthy young adults during quiet sitting in comparison with quiet standing
Testing frequencydomain causality in multivariate time series
On the left ventricular vortex reversal after mitral valve replacement
The effect of scaffold architecture on properties of direct 3D fiber deposition of porous Ti6Al4V for orthopedic implants
Characterization of cellular solids in Ti6Al4V for orthopaedic implant applications Trabecular titanium
A Wireless Integrated Circuit for 100Channel ChargeBalanced Neural Stimulation
In vitro comparison of sputtered iridium oxide and platinumcoated neural implantable microelectrode arrays
Resolution strategies for the finiteelementbased solution of the ECG inverse problem
Simultaneous extraction and screening of diuretics betablockers selected stimulants and steroids in human urine by HPLCMSMS and UPLCMSMS
Waferscale fabrication of penetrating neural microelectrode arrays
NMR metabolic profile of human follicular fluid
Automatic Bayesian Classification of Healthy Controls Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia Using Intrinsic Connectivity Maps From fMRI Data
Modeling the complex dynamics of derecruitment in the lung
Biomechanical properties of the costovertebral joint
Influence of mesh density cortical thickness and material properties on human rib fracture prediction
Tissueengineered matrices as functional delivery systems adsorption and release of bioactive proteins from degradable composite scaffolds
A porous 3D cell culture micro device for cell migration study
Dualmodal threedimensional imaging of single cells with isometric high resolution using an optical projection tomography microscope
Finite element simulation of cellsubstrate decohesion by laserinduced stress waves
Impact of airway gas exchange on the multiple inert gas elimination technique theory
NeuralWISP A Wirelessly Powered Neural Interface With 1m Range
A probabilistic cell model in background corrected image sequences for single cell analysis
Biochemical comparisons of osteoarthritic human synovial fluid with calf sera used in knee simulator wear testing
Combined optical coherence tomography and electroretinography system for in vivo simultaneous morphological and functional imaging of the rod...
Fibrin phantom for use in optical coherence tomography
Parametric imaging of cancer with optical coherence tomography
Titanium induced production of chemokines CCL17TARC and CCL22MDC in human osteoclasts and osteoblasts
CTenhanced ultrasound image of a totally deflated lung for imageguided minimally invasive tumor ablative procedures
Evaluation of modelenhanced ultrasoundassisted interventional guidance in a cardiac phantom
The effects of hammer pressure on cellular response in a porcine heart valve tissue
Photochemical tissue bonding with chitosan adhesive films
Fluorescence spectroscopy an adjunct diagnostic tool to imageguided core needle biopsy of the breast
Impedance in isolated mouse lungs for the determination of site of action of vasoactive agents and disease
Measurement of singlecell adhesion strength using a microfluidic assay
The pipeline still leaks and more than you think a status report on gender diversity in biomedical engineering
Tumor boundary estimation through timedomain peaks monitoring numerical predictions and experimental results in tissuemimicking phantoms
Saturation effect in functional photoacoustic imaging
Creating conductive structures for cell growth growth and alignment of myogenic cell types on polythiophenes
Adaptive macro finite elements for the numerical solution of monodomain equations in cardiac electrophysiology
Experimental characterization and constitutive modeling of the mechanical behavior of the human trachea
PTT Variability for Discrimination of Sleep Apnea Related Decreases in the Amplitude Fluctuations of PPG Signal in Children
Study of bone remodeling of two models of femoral cementless stems by means of DEXA and finite elements
Unraveling changes in myocardial contractility during human fetal growth a finite element analysis based on in vivo ultrasound measurements
Potential use of mucins as biomaterial coatings I Fractionation characterization and model adsorption of bovine porcine and human mucins
A fast and efficient method to compensate for brain shift for tumor resection therapies measured between preoperative and postoperative tomograms
Differences in the mechanical behavior of cortical bone between compression and tension when subjected to progressive loading
Multiclass realtime intent recognition of a powered lower limb prosthesis
Modeling needle stimulation of denervated muscle fibers voltagedistance relations and fiber polarization effects
Length adaptation of the passivetoactive tension ratio in rabbit detrusor
Development of an online weakcation exchange liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometric method for screening aldehyde products in biolo...
Estimating dynamic gait stability using data from nonaligned inertial sensors
Development and validation of a rapid and sensitive HPLC method for the quantification of 5fluorocytosine and its metabolites
Handheld arraybased photoacoustic probe for guiding needle biopsy of sentinel lymph nodes
Transverse flow imaging based on photoacoustic Doppler bandwidth broadening
A comprehensive review of surface modification for neural cell adhesion and patterning
Highresolution 3D ultrasound jawbone surface imaging for diagnosis of periodontal bony defects an in vitro study
Examination of tear film smoothness on corneae after refractive surgeries using a noninvasive interferometric method
Robust estimation of tear film surface quality in lateral shearing interferometry
Fast determination of glutathione by capillary electrophoresis with fluorescence detection using betacyclodextrin as modifier
Mechanical properties of smalldiameter polyurethane vascular grafts reinforced by weftknitted tubular fabric
Preparation of the coreshell structure adriamycin lipiodol microemulsions and their synergistic antitumor effects with diethyldithiocarbamate in vivo
A rapid HPLCESIMSMS method for quantitative analysis of isovalerylshikonin in rat plasma
EEGbased estimation of mental fatigue by using KPCAHMM and complexity parameters
In vivo quantitative reconstruction studies of bioluminescence tomography effects of peakwavelength shift and model deviation
Anklefoot simulator development for testing anklefoot orthoses
Evaluation of the potential clinical application of lowintensity ultrasound stimulation for preventing osteoporotic bone fracture
Investigating fractal property and respiratory modulation of human heartbeat time series using empirical mode decomposition
Simultaneous determination of peimine and peiminine in rat plasma by LCESIMS employing solidphase extraction
Sleep stage and obstructive apneaic epoch classification using singlelead ECG
Biomedical Informatics
PRIM versus CART in subgroup discovery when patience is harmful
Mining patterns in disease classification forests
A goaloriented framework for specifying clinical guidelines and handling medical errors
Beyond genes proteins and abstracts Identifying scientific claims from fulltext biomedical articles
A six stage approach for the diagnosis of the Alzheimers disease based on fMRI data
Design of a handheld electronic pain treatment and activity diary
Ethical legal and social issues for personal health records and applications
An ontological modeling approach to cerebrovascular disease studies the NEUROWEB case
An approach for the semantic interoperability of ISO EN 13606 and OpenEHR archetypes
OpenFlyData an exemplar data web integrating gene expression data on the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
Background adjustment of cDNA microarray images by Maximum Entropy distributions
ConText an algorithm for determining negation experiencer and temporal status from clinical reports
Learning Bayesian networks from survival data using weighting censored instances
Disambiguation of ambiguous biomedical terms using examples generated from the UMLS Metathesaurus
What is biomedical informatics?
Reflective Random Indexing and indirect inference a scalable method for discovery of implicit connections
Extending the FellegiSunter probabilistic record linkage method for approximate field comparators
Project HealthDesign rethinking the power and potential of personal health records
The technology acceptance model its past and its future in health care
Showing Your Work Impact of annotating electronic prescriptions with decision support results
An interactive and usercentered computer system to predict physicians disease judgments in discharge summaries
Calcium imaging of neuronal circuits in vivo using a circuittracing pseudorabies virus
A ligand predication tool based on modeling and reasoning with imprecise probabilistic knowledge
Research conducted by DL Vizard and coresearchers has updated our knowledge about bone research
Inhibition of human renin activity by saponins
Research on software engineering described by D Glotsos and colleagues
Erectile dysfunction in aging male
Scientists at Polytechnic University describe research in electronics
An intelligent decision support algorithm for diagnosis of colorectal cancer through serum tumor markers
Quantitative metabolome profiling of Illicium anisatum by capillary electrophoresis timeofflight mass spectrometry
SIFT and shape information incorporated into fluid model for nonrigid registration of ultrasound images
In ovo live imaging of avian embryos
Studies from MJ Dubin et al add new findings in the area of life science
Study results from A Wang et al provide new insights into cardiovascular research
Evaluation of highperformance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry method for pharmacokinetic study of local anesthetic ropivacaine in p...
Oxygen measurements via phosphorescence
Waveform type evaluation in congenital nystagmus
Representation of bone heterogeneity in subjectspecific finite element models for knee
New iterative cone beam CT reconstruction software parameter optimisation and convergence study
Adaptive bandpass filter ABPF for tremor extraction from inertial sensor data
Algorithm for hyperfast conebeam spiral backprojection
Optimized DNA preparation from mycobacteria
Towards high performance cell segmentation in multispectral fine needle aspiration cytology of thyroid lesions
Toward fully automated processing of dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion MRI for acute ischemic cerebral stroke
Choosing the ART relaxation parameter for ClearPEM 2D image reconstruction
rAAV9a humanderived adenoassociated virus vector for efficient transgene expression in mouse cingulate cortex
Enzymatic method for extracting extracellular DNA in biofilm matrix
Aging as an allostasis condition of hormones secretion summing up the endocrine data from the inChianti study
Subclinical thyroid disease in elderly subjects
The parasitoid wasp Nasonia an emerging model system with haploid male genetics
A handson approach for fitting longterm survival models under the GAMLSS framework
FAST technique for Agrobacteriummediated transient gene expression in seedlings of Arabidopsis and other plant species
Highmagnification in vivo imaging of Xenopus embryos for cell and developmental biology
Preparation of fixed Xenopus embryos for confocal imaging
A graphic user interface toolkit for specification report and comparison of doseresponse relations and treatment plans using the biologically effective ...
Computeraided vestibular autorotational testing of the vestibuloocular reflex in senile vestibular dysfunction
Cellular Reprogramming
Molecular Medicine
Encapsulated cargo internalized by fusogenic liposomes partially overlaps the endoplasmic reticulum
Oxidative stress in NPC1 deficient cells protective effect of allopregnanolone
Combined Ralphalipoic acid and acetylLcarnitine exerts efficient preventative effects in a cellular model of Parkinsons disease
Affinity and catalytic heterogeneity of polyclonal myelin basic proteinhydrolyzing IgGs from sera of patients with multiple sclerosis
The role of epicardial and perivascular adipose tissue in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease
miR20a and miR290 multifaceted players with a role in tumourigenesis and senescence
H2O2induced Ca2+influx and its inhibition by NPamylcinnamoyl anthranilic acid in the betacells involvement of TRPM2 channels
The ubiquitin Cterminal hydrolase UCHL1 regulates Bcell proliferation and integrin activation
Arterial calcifications
Oxidative stress induced lung cancer and COPD opportunities for epigenetic therapy
CCK2 receptor splice variant with intron 4 retention in human gastrointestinal and lung tumours
Drugs targeting Bcl2 family members as an emerging strategy in cancer
Sodiumcalcium exchange mediated contraction in left anterior descending and left ventricular branch arteries
Automatic retrieval of single microchimeric cells and verification of identity by onchip multiplex PCR
Mapping of balanced chromosome translocation breakpoints to the basepair level from microdissected chromosomes
Dedifferentiation of human articular chondrocytes is associated with alterations in expression patterns of GDF5 and its receptors
Development of HIF1 inhibitors for cancer therapy
Temporal and contextual orchestration of cardiac fate by WNTBMP synergy and threshold
Translational upregulation of AuroraA in EGFRoverexpressed cancer
Smallmolecule peptides inhibit Z alpha1antitrypsin polymerization
Human isletderived precursor cells can cycle between epithelial clusters and mesenchymal phenotypes
Chitosan cooperates with mesenchymederived factors in regulating salivary gland epithelial morphogenesis
Loss of IKKbeta activity increases p53 stability and p21 expression leading to cell cycle arrest and apoptosis
Inhibition of fatty acid biosynthesis prevents adipocyte lipotoxicity on human osteoblasts in vitro
New cell and molecular biology study results from T Liu et al described
New life sciences study findings reported from P Moreau and coauthors
Let7 repression leads to HMGA2 overexpression in uterine leiomyosarcoma
The endless race between Trypanosoma cruzi and host immunity lessons for and beyond Chagas disease
Lipophilic but not hydrophilic statins selectively induce cell death in gynaecological cancers expressing high levels of HMGCoA reductase
SIRT1 confers protection against UVB and H2O2induced cell death via modulation of p53 and JNK in cultured skin keratinocytes
Discrepancies between metabolic activity and DNA content as tool to assess cell proliferation in cancer research
Expression of p14ARF p16INK4a and p53 in relation to HPV in premalignant squamous skin tumours
Hepcidin suppression and defective iron recycling account for dysregulation of iron homeostasis in heme oxygenase1 deficiency
Research on human papillomavirus cytology discussed by CE Depuydt and coresearchers
Physiological concentrations of bile acids downregulate agonist induced secretion in colonic epithelial cells
Coculture with mesenchymal stromal cells increases proliferation and maintenance of haematopoietic progenitor cells
Molecular markers in circulating tumour cells from metastatic colorectal cancer patients
Intraplaque injection of Ad5CMVp53 aggravates local inflammation and leads to plaque instability in rabbits
A prospective study of macrophage migration inhibitory factor as a marker of inflammatory detection
Intraplaque injection of Ad5CMVp53 aggravates local inflammation and leads to plaque instability in rabbits
The role of microRNAs in ovarian cancer initiation and progression
Renal vascular and cardiac fibrosis in rats exposed to passive smoking and industrial dust fibre amosite
Differential bone marrow stem cell mobilization by GCSF injection or arterial ligation in baboons
St Boniface General Hospital publishes research in life science
Differential regulation of oestrogen receptor 223 isoforms by 5 untranslated regions in cancer
Study results from LF Lopes and colleagues update understanding of molecular medicine
Neuroprotection in acute ischemic strokecurrent status
Intron1 rs3761548 is related to the defective transcription of Foxp3 in psoriasis through abrogating E47cMyb binding
Loss of cks1 homeostasis deregulates cell division cycle
TNFalpha induces TGFbeta1 expression in lung fibroblasts at the transcriptional level via AP1 activation
IL12 immunotherapy of murine leukaemia comparison of systemic versus gene modified cell therapy
University Hospital describes research in acute myeloid leukemia
Molecular mechanisms of IL18BP regulation in DLD1 cells pivotal direct action of the STAT1GAS axis on the promoter level
The localization of cyclooxygenase immunoreactivity COX IIR to the urothelium and to interstitial cells in the bladder wall
Effect of genetic SSTR4 ablation on inflammatory peptide and receptor expression in the noninflamed and inflamed murine intestine
STIM proteins integrators of signalling pathways in development differentiation and disease
A molecular study of pathways involved in the inhibition of cell proliferation in neuroblastoma B65 cells by the GSK3 inhibitors lithium and SB415...
The decrease of expression of ryanodine receptor subtype 2 is reversed by gentamycin sulphate in vascular myocytes from mdx mice
Fibroblast growth factor 2induced angiogenesis in zebrafish the zebrafish yolk membrane ZFYM angiogenesis assay
Caveolin1 regulation of dynamindependent raftmediated endocytosis of cholera toxinB subunit occurs independently of caveolae
Mass spectrometrybased proteomics in biomedical research emerging technologies and future strategies
The zinc finger domain of IKK? NEMO protein in health and disease
Molecular mechanisms controlling human adipose tissue development insights from monogenic lipodystrophies
Use of the 1mm microprobe for metabolic analysis on small volume biological samples
Structural and mechanistic insights into Mps1 kinase activation
Does autophagy take a front seat in lifespan extension?
Suppression of cellular immunity by cord bloodderived unrestricted somatic stem cells is cytokinedependent
Antiinflammatory effects of low molecular weight heparin derivative in a rat model of carrageenaninduced pleurisy
Mechanisms in the loss of capillaries in systemic sclerosis angiogenesis versus vasculogenesis
Relationships between telocytes and cardiomyocytes during pre and postnatal life
The endogenous danger signals HSP70 and MICA cooperate in the activation of cytotoxic effector functions of NK cells
CD34+ cells augment endothelial cell differentiation of CD14+ endothelial progenitor cells in vitro
Increased type IIA secretory phospholipase A2 expression contributes to oxidative stress in endstage renal disease
Laminin isoforms in human embryonic stem cells synthesis receptor usage and growth support
Podosomelike structures of noninvasive carcinoma cells are replaced in epithelialmesenchymal transition by actin cometembedded invadopodia
Control of leucocyte differentiation from embryonic stem cells upon vasculogenesis and confrontation with tumour tissue
Proteomic identification of nitrated brain proteins in early Alzheimers disease inferior parietal lobule
The role of caveolae in endothelial cell dysfunction with a focus on nutrition and environmental toxicants
Crosstalk between Hsp70 molecular chaperone lysosomes and proteasomes in autophagymediated proteolysis in human retinal pigment epithelial cells
Membranetype 4 matrix metalloproteinase MT4MMP induces lung metastasis by alteration of primary breast tumour vascular architecture
Perspectives for the use of structural information and chemical genetics to develop inhibitors of Janus kinases
The embryonic epicardium an essential element of cardiac development
Cardiac telocytes serial dynamic images in cell culture
Paraoxonase 1 activities and polymorphisms in autism spectrum disorders
Extracellular calcium increases CXCR4 expression on bone marrowderived cells and enhances proangiogenesis therapy
Epigenetic programming of muopioid receptor gene in mouse brain is regulated by MeCP2 and Brg1 chromatin remodelling factor
Activation of protease calpain by oxidized and glycated LDL increases the degradation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase
Thyroid hormone induces artery smooth muscle cell proliferation discovery of a new TR alpha 1Nox1 pathway
Splenic natural killer cell activity in two models of experimental neurodegenerative diseases
Molecular events and signalling pathways involved in skeletal muscle disuseinduced atrophy and the impact of countermeasures
Genetic disorders of vitamin B12 metabolism eight complementation groupseight genes
Interleukin 8 is differently expressed and modulated by PAR1 activation in early and late endothelial progenitor cells
Enhancing biological therapy through conditional regulation of protein stability
Chagas disease an update on immune mechanisms and therapeutic strategies
The engagement of selectins and their ligands in colorectal cancer liver metastases
Cysteinylation and homocysteinylation of plasma protein thiols during ageing of healthy human beings
Endogenous n3 fatty acids protect ovariectomy induced bone loss by attenuating osteoclastogenesis
Calcium and ER stress mediate hepatic apoptosis after burn injury
Biomimetism biomimetic matrices and the induction of bone formation
Dynamics of microRNA biogenesis crosstalk between p53 network and microRNA processing pathway
Technical limits of comparison of stepsectioningimmunohistochemistry and RTPCR on breast cancer sentinel nodes a study on methacarnfixed tissue
The role of HIF prolyl hydroxylases in tumour growth
Control of chondrocyte gene expression by actin dynamics a novel role of cholesterolRoralpha signalling in endochondral bone growth
Customdesigned proteins as novel therapeutic tools? The case of arrestins
Vulnerability of hippocampal GABAergic interneurons to kainateinduced excitotoxic injury during old age
Formation of lipid raft redox signalling platforms in glomerular endothelial cells an early event of homocysteineinduced glomerular injury
Clinical relevance and functional implications for human leucocyte antigeng expression in nonsmallcell lung cancer
Inhibition of LPSinduced production of inflammatory factors in the macrophages by monocarbonyl analogues of curcumin
Isolation of a novel basic FGFbinding peptide with potent antiangiogenetic activity
Induction of hepatic differentiation of mouse bone marrow stromal stem cells by the histone deacetylase inhibitor VPA
Neural Engineering
Reproductive Biomedicine
The Italian Constitutional Court modifies Italian legislation on assisted reproduction technology
Studies from AK Ludwig and colleagues reveal new findings on pediatrics
Studies from J WexWechowski and colleagues reveal new findings on clinical trial research
Studies from Y Cabello and colleagues yield new information about assisted reproduction
Study data from A Tanaka and colleagues update understanding of life sciences
Study data from F Risquez and colleagues update understanding of assisted reproductive techniques
Study results from M Milan and colleagues broaden understanding of pregnancy
Adverse obstetric outcome for the vanishing twin syndrome
Alterations in mouse embryo intracellular pH by DMO during culture impair implantation and fetal growth
Salpingotomy or salpingectomy in tubal ectopic pregnancy what do women prefer?
Aurora kinase B epigenetic state of centromeric heterochromatin and chiasma resolution in oocytes
Optimization of protocols for human ovarian tissue cryopreservation with sucrose 12propanediol and human serum
Embryo aneuploidy and the role of morphological and genetic screening
Sperm nuclear vacuoles as assessed by motile sperm organellar morphological examination are mostly of acrosomal origin
The pattern of pregnancy loss in women with congenital uterine anomalies and recurrent miscarriage
Psychological impact of preimplantation genetic diagnosis a review of the literature
GnRH agonist versus recombinant HCG in an oocyte donation programme a randomized prospective controlled assessorblind study
Comparison of methods to determine the assigned value in an external quality control programme for embryo evaluation
Thirdparty reproductive assistance around the Mediterranean comparing Sunni Egypt Catholic Italy and multisectarian Lebanon

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