Life Does Not Die: Bioenergemity, Biointuitionability and Biocommunication

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Grosvenor House Publishing Limited, 2011 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 862 pages
Bioenergemity is the set of bioenergemes found in the bioenergemal universe. If one talks of human bioenergemes, bioenergemity corresponds with humanity. Biovectorization is the fusion that between human bioenergemes or of other biospecies can happen in the bioenergemal universe or in the biomaterial one, giving place to a form of biocommunication between human bioenergemes. Then, life does not die the body biocollapses and disintegrates, but its bioenergeme survives and goes on into the bioenergemity. This way we could unveil which has been Mary, Joseph and Jesus participation so much in the biomaterial universe as in and from the bioenergemal universe.

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