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The principle part of this book is the broad application of democratic principles.

"You have the American system!" exclaimed my Oxford educated professor, uncharacteristically grabbing me by the shoulders. That was his reaction sixty years ago to my theory of government. Imagine my shock when I received the application papers for citizenship only to discover that the Oath of Allegiance denied the American Democratic System by removing the individual's responsibility for what he does under orders. The individual conscience is paramount in democratic philosophy. The individual is fully responsible for what he does under orders. I don't believe that obeying orders justifies man's inhumanity to man.

I have great difficulty with items which have been added to the Oath to the U.S. Constitution. I could have answered certain questions, but they were questions, which in my judgment, a democratic government had no right to ask. To answer such questions would, it seemed to me, concede the right to ask the questions. But the way I read it, I have to be prepared to give up both body and soul to become a U.S. citizen. " if the law requires it," without qualification or limitation implies no limitation although limitation is explicit in democratic philosophy and in the constitution which outlines the way to adhere to those principles.

The Oath of Allegiance lists substantially the same contents without those additions I find objectionable and unconstitutional. Eventually I applied with the request that I be permitted to take the Oath just to the Constitution and not to the additions. I explained that for me the additions removed the safeguards of the Constitution, in effect contradicted the Constitution. And that to take an oath to what I perceived compromised my principles and conscience, could be done only with a mental reservation. To become an American Citizen I would have to deny the American system. What a catch 22!

Although I have not the slightest hesitation in defending the U.S., my country, my children's and grandchildren's country I cannot give carte blanche to the government, allow any openings for laws that deny the restraints set by the constitution.


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