Marathi Proverbs

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Alfred Manwaring
Clarendon Press, 1899 - Proverbs, Marathi - 271 pages
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Page 270 - ... original treatises on which the Laws of Manu and other lawgivers were founded. [See also Vol. XIV.] . VOL. III. The Sacred Books of China. The Texts of Confucianism. Translated by JAMES LEGGE. Part I. The Shu King, The Religious Portions of the Shih . King, and The Hsiao King.
Page 272 - VOL. XIV. The Sacred Laws of the Aryas, As taught in the Schools of Apastamba, Gautama, VasishMa, and Baudhayana.
Page 275 - I 2*. 6d. Vols. XXXIX and XL. The Sacred Books of China. The Texts of Taoism. Translated by JAMES LEGGE. 21*.
Page 274 - This translation is founded on that of Sir William Jones, which has been carefully revised and corrected with the help of seven native Commentaries. An Appendix contains all the quotations from Manu which are found in the Hindu Law-books, translated for the use of the Law Courts in India. Another Appendix gives a synopsis of parallel passages from the six Dharma-sutras, the other Smn'tis, the Upanishads, the Mahabharata, etc.
Page 270 - In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of the Upanishads. It has been the solace of my life, it will be the solace of my death?
Page 270 - Gautama. lo*. 6d. Vol. III. The Sacred Books of China. The Texts of Confucianism. Translated by James Legge. Part I. The Shfl King, The Religious portions of the Shih King, and The Hsiao King.
Page 271 - This translation, carried out according to his own peculiar views of the origin of the Qur'dn, was the last great work ofE. H. Palmer, before he was murdered in Egypt. VOL. VII. The Institutes of Vishwu.
Page 271 - Zoroaster's religion, beginning with the Sassanian dynasty. They are important for a study of Gnosticism. VOLS. VI AND IX. The Qur'an. Parts I and II. Translated by EH PALMER. 8vo, cloth, a is.
Page 274 - OLDENBERG. 8 vo., cloth, 12,?. 6d. These rules of Domestic Ceremonies describe the home life of the ancient Aryas with a completeness and accuracy unmatched in any other literature. Some of these rules have been incorporated in the ancient Law-books. VOL. XXX. The Grz'hya-Sutras.
Page 273 - Law' a canonical book of the Northern Buddhists, translated from Sanskrit. There is a Chinese translation of this book which was finished as early as the year 286 AD VOL. xxii.

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