Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

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Technical Publications, 2007 - Microcomputers - 672 pages
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OverviewOverview of microcomputer systems. Hardware and software principles.Intel MCS51 FamilySingle chip microcontrollers of Intel MCS51 family. Architectural and operational features. Its instruction set. CPU timing and machine cycles. Interrupt structure and priorities. Internal Timer / counters, serial interface. Connection of external memory. Power saving modes. Interfacing of 8051 with EPROM programming for EPROM versions. 8051 variationsIntel 8086/8088 Microprocessor FamilyArchitecture and organisation of 8086/8088 microprocessor family. Study of its instruction set. Assembly language programming, introduction to mixed language programming using C and Assembly language. 8086 family minimum and maximum mode operation. Timing diagram for 8086 family, detailed study of maximum mode connection: study of 8288 bus controller. 8086 interrupt structure.Memory & I/O DesignMemory system design for 8086 family including interface of dynamic Read / write memory, timing considerations for memory interfacing. Connection of I/O Controllers 8255AH programmable peripheral interface, Programmable interrupt controller 8259A, UART 8250, Programmable D.M.A. Controller 8237. Data communications, EIA RS-232C serial interface and IEEE 488 General purpose interface. Error detection and correction - parity and cyclic redundancy check.8087 Math Co-processorStudy of architecture of 8087 floating point co-processor. Data types supported by 8087. Host and co-processor interface, Assembly language programming for 8086 - 8087 based systems. Multiprocessor SystemsMultiprocessor configurations. Study of the 8289 bus arbiter. Design of 8086 based multiprocessor systems (without timing considerations).

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