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The musical quality of a poem becomes unimaginable, when duende surges through it. The field composition, placement of words, metrical calculation, pondering over the tunes, far-fetched images, wide range of deliberation, and powerful sensibility have given Santosh Kumar Pokharel’s poetic creation an ephemeral height. When there is a subconscious invocation to Muses in one’s mind, and when one also becomes ready to express one’s sensibilities, an unworldly emotional overflow becomes very natural. The bestowal and reception must be simultaneous for a great creation. In this sense, creation emanates from unconsciousness to sub-consciousness (and then to consciousness?). Most of the creations from their very initial perception grow not in conscious reality, but in dreams. By their magnificence, Santosh Kumar Pokharel’s poems too seem to come from a dreamy and divine inspiration. Mr Pokharel is an engineer by profession and a poet by creative deliberation. Therefore, naturally, his poems are a blend of the art of engineering and the art of literary presentation. He amazingly balances between the structure and the flow of his imagination in his poems.



My solemn vow
Hungeraddressed Poem
The Poem
Killing in Bataclan Paris
The Milestone
Monologue on Home

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