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Technical Publications, 2007 - 348 pages
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Process Synchronization and Interprocess Communication :Background, Critical section problem, Semaphores, Classic problems of synchronizations, Critical regions, Monitors, OS synchronization.Deadlocks : System model, Deadlock characterization, Methods for handling deadlocks, Deadlocks, Deadlocks detection, Prevention, Avoidance, Recovery.Protection : Goals of protection, Domain of protection, Access matrix, Implementation of access matrix, Revocation of access rights.Security : Security problem, User authentication, Program threats, System threats, Securing system and facilities, Intrusion detection and cryptography.System architecture, User perspective, Operating system services, Assumptions about hardware, Architecture of UNIX OS, Introduction to system concepts, Kernel data structures, System administration, Buffer headers, Structure of the buffer pool, Scenarios for retrieval of a buffer, Reading and writing disk blocks, Advantages and disadvantages of the buffer cache.Internal Representation of Files : Inodes, Structure of a regular file, Directories, Conversion of a path name to an inode, Super block, Inode assignment to a new file, Allocation of disk blocks, Other file types.System calls for the File System : Open, Read, Write, File and Record locking, lseek, Close, File creation, Creation of special files, Change directory and Change root, Change owner and Change mode, stat and fstat, Pipes, Dup, Mounting and unmounting the systems, Link, Unlink, File system abstractions, File system maintenance.Structures of Processes : Process states and transitions, Layout of system memory, The context of a process, Saving the context of a process, Manipulation of the process address space, Sleep.Process Control : Process creation, Signals, Process termination, Awaiting process termination, Invoking other programs, The user ID of a process, Changing the size of a process. The shell, System boot and the init process.Process Scheduling and Time : Process scheduling, System calls for time and clock.Memory Management Policies : Swapping, Demand paging, A hybrid system with swapping and demand paging.I/O Subsystem : Driver interfaces, Disk drivers, Terminal drivers, Streams

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