Optical Fiber Communications

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Technical Publications, 2008 - Fiber optics - 246 pages
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Block diagram of optical fiber communication system, Advantages of optical fiber communication.Optical Fiber Waveguides : Structure of optical waveguide, Light propagation in optical fiber using ray theory, Acceptance angle, Numerical aperture, Skew rays, Wave theory for optical propagation, Modes in a planar and cylindrical guide, Mode volume, Single mode fibers, Cut-off wavelength, Mode field diameter, Effective refractive index and group and mode delay factor for single mode fiber.Transmission Characteristics of Optical Fiber : Attenuation in optical fibers, Intrinsic and extrinsic absorption, Linear and nonlinear scattering losses, Fiber bend losses. Dispersion and pulse broadening, Intramodal and intermodal dispersion for step and graded index fibers, Modal noise, Overall fiber dispersion for multimode and monomode fiber, Dispersion shifted fibers, Modal birefringence and polarization maintaining fibers.Optical Sources : Basic concepts Einstein relations and population inversion optical feedback and threshold conditions, Direct and indirect band gap semiconductors, Spontaneous and stimulated emission in p-n junction, Threshold current density, Heterojunction and DH structure, Semiconductor injection lasers structure and characteristics of injection laser.Drawback and advantages of LED, DH, LED, LED structures and characteristics.Optical Detectors : Requirement for photo detections p-n photodiode, Characteristics of photo detections, p-i-n and avalanche photodiodes, Phototransistors and photoconductors.Direct Detection Receiver Performance Considerations : Noise sources in optical fiber communication, Noise in p-n, p-i-n and APD receivers, Receiver structures.Optical Fiber Communication Systems : Principal components of an optical fiber communication system, Source laminations, Optical transmitter circuits, LED and laser drive circuits, Optical receiver block diagram, Simple circuits for pre-amplifier, Automatic gain control and equalization, Regenerative repeater, BER of optical receiver, Channel losses, ISI penalty and optical power budgeting for digital optical fiber system, Line coding, Analog systems, Direct intercity and sub carrier intensity modulation using AM, FM and PM.Block diagram and detection principle of coherent optical fiber system.

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