Pulse & Digital Circuits

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Technical Publications, 2009 - 530 pages
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Linear Wave ShapingHigh pass, low pass RC circuits, their response for sinusoidal, step, pulse square and ramp inputs. RC network as differentiator and integrator, attenuators, its applications in CRO probe, RL and RLC circuits and their response for step input, ringing circuit.Non-Linear Wave ShapingDiode clippers, transistor clippers, clipping at two independent levels, transfer characteristics of clippers, emitter coupled clipper, comparators, applications of voltage comparators, clamping operation, clamping circuits using diode with different inputs, clamping circuit theorem, practical clamping circuits, effect of diode characteristics on clamping voltage, transfer characteristics of clampers.Switching Characteristics of DevicesDiode as a switch, piecewise linear diode characteristics, transistor as a switch, break down voltage consideration of transistor, saturation parameters of transistor and their variation with temperature, design of transistor switch, transistor-switching times.MultivibratorsAnalysis and design of bistable, monostable, astable multivibrators and schmitt trigger using transistors.Time Base GeneratorsGeneral features of a time base signal, methods of generating time base waveform, Miller and bootstrap time base generators - basic principles, transistor miller time base generator, transistor bootstrap time base generator, current time base generators.Synchronization and Freuqency DivisionPrinciples of synchronization, frequency division in sweep circuit, astable relaxation circuits, monostable relaxation circuits, synchronization of a sweep circuit with symmetrical signals, sine wave frequency division with a sweep circuit.Sampling GatesBasic operating principles of sampling gates, unidirectional and bi-directional sampling gates, reduction of pedestal in gate circuits, applications of sampling gates.Realization of Logic Gates Using Diodes and TransistorsAND, OR gates using diodes, resistor, transistor logic, diode transistor logic.

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excellent reference for pdc

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good books ........easy to understand ..........

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