Report of the Independent Commission on the Los Angeles Police Department

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Warren Christopher
DIANE Publishing, 1998 - Political Science - 257 pages
In the wake of the Rodney King/Los Angeles Police incident, the Independent Commission on the L.A. Police Dept. was created to examine any aspect of the law enforcement structure in L.A. that might cause or contribute to the excessive use of force. This reports presents the results of this unprecedented inquiry, conducted through witness testimony; interviews of private citizens and current and retired police officers; computerized studies of force reports and complaints filed by the public; reviews of patrol car communications; and examination of the files in civil damage cases. Recommendations are presented in detail.

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Page 25 - Whenever he has reasonable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a felony, whether or not a felony has in fact been committed.
Page 200 - Department (other than by resignation), except for good and sufficient cause shown upon a finding of "guilty" of the specific charge or charges assigned as cause or causes therefor after a full, fair and impartial hearing before the Board of Rights (except as otherwise specifically provided in paragraphs two (2) and seven (7) of this section).
Page 70 - Chief of Police Parker appears to be the focal point of the criticism within the Negro community. He is a man distrusted by most Negroes and they carefully analyze for possible anti-Negro meaning almost every action he takes and every statement he makes. Many Negroes feel that he carries a deep hatred of the Negro community. However, Chief Parker's statements to us and collateral evidence such as his record of fairness to Negro officers are inconsistent with his having such an attitude.
Page 99 - ... between police officers and persons of color, a serious problem in police-citizen relations as well as in police administrative responsibility occurs. This is best described by an assistant chief of the Los Angeles Police Department: We expect people to go out and aggressively identify people, and then investigate them, and that puts these police officers in the middle between what we evaluate them on and what they are able to do legally. And so it results in police officers bluffing their way...
Page iii - LAPD who repetitively use excessive force against the public and persistently ignore the written guidelines of the Department regarding force.
Page 14 - He sent two messages over a communications network to the other officers that said '"coops'" and '"I havent [sic] beaten anyone this bad in a long time.'" Koon sent a message to the police station that said: '"Unit just had a big time use of force. . . . Tased and beat the suspect of CHP pursuit big time.'" King was taken to a hospital where he was treated for a fractured leg, multiple facial fractures, and numerous bruises and contusions. Learning that King worked at Dodger Stadium, Powell said...
Page 70 - The Problem — Deep and Serious The conduct of law enforcement agencies, most particularly the Los Angeles Police Department, has been subject to severe criticism by many Negroes who have appeared before the Commission as witnesses. The bitter criticism we have heard evidences a deep and longstanding schism between a substantial portion of the Negro community and the Police Department. "Police brutality" has been the recurring charge.
Page 32 - We know the ones who are getting into trouble more than anyone else. But, I don't see anyone bringing these people up and saying, "Look, you are not conforming, you are not measuring up. You need to take a look at yourself and your conduct and the way you're treating people
Page 69 - Department officers found that 25% felt that " 'racial bias (prejudice) on the part of officers toward minority citizens currently exists and contributes to a negative interaction between police and the community.
Page 214 - ... retirement and benefit fund as herein authorized shall by ordinance provide : (a) For a board of trustees of the employees' retirement and benefit fund. The said board of trustees shall consist of the mayor and four members of the fund, to be appointed by the mayor, with the advice and consent of a majority of members of the fund.

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