Riders to the Sea

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J. W. Luce, 1916 - Drowning victims - 29 pages
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Page 39 - I had with every one of them and they coming to the world — and some of them were found and some of them were not found, but they're gone now the lot of them. . . . There were Stephen and Shawn were lost in the great wind, and found after in the Bay of Gregory of the Golden Mouth, and carried up the two of them on one plank, and in by that door.
Page 39 - I've had a husband, and a husband's father, and six sons in this house — six fine men, though it was a hard birth I had with every one of them and they coming to the world — and some of them were found and some of them were not found, but they're gone now the lot of them.
Page 35 - Keep your back to the door the way the light'll not be on you. Nora sits down at the chimney corner, with her back to the door. Maurya comes in very slowly, without looking at the girls, and goes over to her stool at the other side of the fire. The cloth with the bread is still in her hand. The girls look at each other, and Nora points to the bundle of bread. CATHLEEN (after spinning for a moment) You didn't give him his bit of bread? (Maurya begins to keen softly, without turning round.) CATHLEEN...
Page 21 - Maurya comes from the inner room. MAURYA Looking up at Cathleen and speaking querulously. Isn't it turf enough you have for this day and evening? CATHLEEN...
Page 19 - Nora comes in softly, and takes a bundle from under her shawl. CATHLEEN Spinning the wheel rapidly. What is it you have? NORA The young priest is after bringing them. It's a shirt and a plain stocking were got off a drowned man in Donegal.
Page 12 - Michael has a clean burial in the far north, by the grace of the Almighty God. Bartley will have a fine coffin out of the white boards, and a deep grave surely. What more can we want than that? No man at all can be living for ever, and we must be satisfied.
Page 43 - I'll have now, and it's time surely. It's a great rest I'll have now, and great sleeping in the long nights after Samhain, if it's only a bit of wet flour we do have to eat, and maybe a fish that would be stinking.'"11 [She kneels down again, crossing herself, and saying prayers under her breath.] <62)CATHLEEN [to an old man].
Page 11 - In the big world the old people do be leaving things after them for their sons and children, but in this place it is the young men do be leaving things behind for them that do be old.
Page 18 - Cottage kitchen, with nets, oil-skins, spinning-wheel, some new boards standing by the wall, etc. CATHLEEN, a girl of about twenty, finishes kneading cake, and puts it down in the pot-oven by the fire; then wipes her hands, and begins to spin at the wheel.
Page 43 - I'll have no call now to be up crying and praying when the wind RIDERS TO THE SEA 89 breaks from the south, and you can hear the surf is in the east, and the surf is in the west, making a great stir with the two noises, and they hitting one on the other.

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