Sextus Pompeius

Anton Powell, Kathryn Welch
Classical Press of Wales, 2002 - 285 páginas
After his death, the son of Pompey the Great was vilified by his rival in civil war, Octavian, and dismissed as a pirate. However, Pompeius was acclaimed by the Roman populace in his lifetime for his virtues and military prowess which far outshone those of Octavian. These ten essays draw on archaeological, documentary and literary evidence, particularly Lucan, to reconstruct the character of this figure who played such a vital role in the civil war and in the early principate period. Contributors: Alain M Gowing, Hugh Lindsay, Benedict J Lowe, Daniel Ogden, Anton Powell, Shelley C Stone, Charles Tesoriero, Lindsay Watson, Kathryn Welch.

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Sextus Pompeius and the Res Publica in 4239 bc
4644 bc
The strategy and imagery of
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Welch teaches Roman and Greek history at the University of Sydney.

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