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Lambert M Surhone, Mariam T Tennoe, Susan F Henssonow
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Shorgir are a Hindu caste found in North India. The Shorgir are a community of Kumhar ancestry, who have taken to salt-making. They get their name from the Hindi word shora, which means salt. The Shorgir are said to have orignated in Rajasthan, and over time spread to Haryana and Punjab. They now speak Haryanvi, and are found in the districts of Rohtak, Hissar, Karnal, Jind and Sirsa. The Shorgir community consists of a number of exogamous clans. Their main clans are the Kumati, Saria, Chabria, Sungatia, Puchmare, Eaxsele, Salote, Sarde and Naile.

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right as previously comments,the shorgir caste not the community of kumhar,in fact it is the community of rajput(thakur).The name shorgir was comes from the shora(gun powder) who is the major business of rajput community and after this they known as shorgir caste...

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Shorgir community does not belong to Kumhar ancestry.This community has never been in materimonial relations with Kumhar and their gotras also do not match with this caste.In fact this Shorgir community is one section of Rajputs

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