Switchgear And Protection

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Technical Publications, 2009 - 386 pages
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Circuit Breakers - 1 : Circuit breakers : Elementary principles of arc interruption, Recovery, Restriking voltage and recovery voltages, Restriking phenomenon, Average and max. RRRV, Numerical problems, Current chopping and resistance switching, CB ratings and specifications : Types and Numerical problems, Auto reclosures.Circuit Breakers - 2 : Description and operation of following types of circuit breakers : Minimum oil circuit breakers, Air blast circuit breakers, Vaccum and SF6 circuit breakers.Electromagnetic and Static Relays : Principle of operation and construction of attracted armature, Balanced beam, Induction disc and induction cup relays.Relays classification : Instantaneous, DMT and IDMT types.Application of relays : Over current/Under voltage relays, Direction relays, Differential relays and percentage differential relays.Universal torque equation, Distance relays : Impedance, Reactance and mho and offset mho relays, Characteristics of distance relays and comparison.Static relays : Static relays versus electromagnetic relays.Generator Protection : Protection of generators against stator faults, Rotor faults, and abnormal conditions. Restricted earth fault and inter-turn fault protection, Numerical problems on % winding unprotected.Transformer Protection : Protection of transformers : Percentage differential protection, Numerical problem on design of CTs ratio, Buchholtz relay protection.Feeder and Busbar Protection : Protection of lines : Over current, Carrier current and three-zone distance relay protection using impedance relays, Translay relay.Protection of busbars - Differential protection.Neutral Grounding : Grounded and ungrounded neutral systems - Effects of ungrounded neutral on system performance, Methods of neutral grounding : Solid, Resistance, Reactance-Arcing grounds and grounding practices.Protection Against Overvoltages : Generation of overvoltages in power systems, Protection against lightning overvoltages - Valve type and Zinc-Oxide lightning arresters, Insulation and co-ordination-BIL, Impulse ratio, Standard impulse test wave, Volt-time characteristics and insulation co-ordination.

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Chapter 1 Theory of Arc Quenching 11 to 152
Chapter2 Circuit Breakers C 21te2S8
Chapter 4 Electromagnetic Relays 41 to 4 38
9 1 3 Factors Affecting Performance of Plane Break Oil Circuit Breaker 229
Chapter3 Introduction to Protection System 3110 322
Chapter6 Static Relays 6 1 to 616
Chapter 4 Electromagnetic Relays 41 to4
Chapter5 Distance Relays 51to520
Chapter 7 Generator Protection 71to740
Chapter9 Feeder and Busbar Protection 91 to 920
Chapter 9 Feeder and Busbar Protection 9 1 to 9 20
Chapter 10 Neutral Grounding 101 to 10
Chapter 10 Neutral Grounding 101 to 10 22
?eiierator Pioteptipn 7 1 to 740

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