Switching Theory & Logic Design

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Technical Publications, Jan 1, 2009 - Logic circuit - 720 pages
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Number Systems and CodesPhilosophy of number systems - complement representation of negative numbers - binary arithmetic - binary codes - error detecting and error correcting codes - hamming codes.Boolean Algebra and Switching FunctionsFundamental postulates of Boolean Algebra-Basic theorems and properties - switching functions - Canonical and Standard forms - Algebraic simplification - digital logic gates, properties of XOR gates - universal gates - Multilevel NAND/NOR realizations.Minimization of Switching FunctionsMap method, Prime implicants, Don't care combinations, Minimal SOP and POS forms, Tabular Method, Prime - Implicant chart, simplification rules.Combinational Logic DesignDesign using conventional logic gates, Encoder, Decoder, Multiplexer, De-Multiplexer, Modular design IC chips, MUX Realization of switching functions Parity bit generator, Code-converters, Hazards and hazard free realizations.Programmable Logic Devices, Threshold LogicBasic PLD's-ROM, PROM, PLA, PLD Realization of Switching functions using PLD's. Capabilities and limitations of Threshold gate, Synthesis of Threshold functions, Multigate Synthesis.Sequential Circuits - IClassification of sequential circuits (Synchronous, Asynchronous, Pulse mode, Level mode with examples) Basic flop-flops-Triggering and excitation tables. Steps in synchronous sequential circuit design. Design of modulo-N Ring and shift counters, Serial binary adder, sequence detector.Sequential Circuits - IIFinite state machine-capabilities and limitations, Mealy and Moore models-minimization of completely specified and incompletely specified sequential machines, Partition techniques and Merger chart methods-concept of minimal cover table.Algorithmic State MachinesSalient features of the ASM chart-Simple examples-System design using data path and control subsystems-control implementations-examples of Weighing machine and Binary multiplier.

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easy language and clear and cut matter....

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For the Basic Learners the Book is Superb.They can easily Understand the Information Provided in the book.After getting Thorough knowledge it's better to read any standard book.

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Chapter 1 Number Systems and Codes 1110178
Boolean Algebra Switching Functions 21 to 272
Solved Examples 2 66
Chapter 5 Programmable Logic Devices 51 to 5 44
Chapter 7 Sequential Circuits 1 Vyf 7 1 to 7
Chapter 8 Analysis and Design of Clocked Sequential Circuits 8 1 to 8 102
Chapter 9 Capabilities and Minimization of Sequential Machines 9 1 to 9
Chapter 10 Algorithmic State Machine _ 101 to 10 68
r r V A 1 to A

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