The Best of Us

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Kennedy Fox, Dec 1, 2020 - Fiction - 350 pages
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What happens when the biggest blizzard of the year hits and you’re trapped in a cabin with your best friend’s brother? You take every opportunity to spend time together and make him fall in love with you.

The Best of Us is a best friend's brother, opposites attract, and snowed-in together standalone romance. 

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Kendall Montgomery is a fun-loving and bubbly best friend and maid of honor of Cami, who needed Kendall's help to "deck-out" Cami's family cabin for her honeymoon. Kendall is all game for it and is the perfect candidate for the task since she knows what Cami likes and wants. She did not expect to do it with Ryan, Eli's best man, and Cami's older brother, who hates and sees her only as an "entitled" best friend of his sister.
Ryan St James is an emergency doctor and is the best man of Eli, Cami's husband. He tolerates Kendall for Cami's sake but finds Kendall like any of the high-maintenance, privileged kids he detested. He chose to live a more modest life (even if he also was born into wealth) and wanted to make a difference in helping others versus partying like his friends.
The Best of Us is an enemies-turned-lovers rom-com that made my belly ached from the feisty and quick-wit banter. It might be a simple story at first, but there are so many layers these two characters showed in a few chapters.
Being isolated from the rest of the world in a snowed-in cabin, Kendall and Ryan started shedding their layers was a looked forward thing. There were so many misconceptions they have between each other that it was surprising that they tolerated each other because of Cami.
It is no secret between Kendal and her close friends, Cami (yes, Ryan's sister), and Piper that Kendall has a small crush on an unknowing Ryan. Given this, though, Ryan would put Kendall down with a rude comment or a joke that brings her back to hating him.
Ryan and Kendall's strained friendship is due to Ryan's preconceived notion that Kendall is a high-maintenance, shallow person, which is the total opposite! She is far from that notion, and I was happy to see Kendall took a stand when they started talking.
This book is my second encounter to review Kennedy Fox's books. The first was from an anthology series with a duology.
The dynamic duo always amazes me on how they make simple plotlines and characters complex and thought-provoking paired with a lot of steamy scenes rolled into one. There is a lot since what else can two physically charged individuals with the hots for each other do at a secluded cabin?!?!
Everything in that cabin was hot hot hot that it kept Ryan and Kendall (and me) warm during the snowstorm/quarantine.
Happy to report that I liked how the series is shaping for the series. Kendall and Ryan's characters have enough depth and layers to make me like them. They make me want to know them more as I realize that both are similar in many ways as they learn further:-
1) They want to be more than their family names.
2) They wanted to be better versions of themselves to the world, and
3) They want to be there for their partners, whoever they ended up to be. Kendall and Ryan are honest characters who avoid hurting people as much as possible.
The plot thickens later in the book when Ryan's past comes back unexpectedly and out of his control because he is too much of a good guy. This part got things a bit exciting and later required him to "fight" for what he feels is worth the long wait, only after a nudge from a good friend.
A small comment on the Best of Us, I would have appreciated the book more if Kendall and Ryan's separate lives were dealt with and discussed, like Kendall's new endeavor or even Ryan's "issues." However, I understand that the authors may want to focus on only the main character's relationship. Some "rushed" scenes glean over parts that I believe would have made the characters more developed, especially Ryan's end.
**There is a small mention of mental health that may be a trigger for some readers. Take this as a warning.
In summary, if you want to read about emphatic, in-denial characters, slow-build, and well-developed plotlines with a lot of steamy scenes - Best of Us is it! It will make you feel warm all over with the side of humanity with Kendall and Ryan's

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