The Truth about Your Height: Exploring the Myths and Realities of Human Size and Its Effects on Performance, Health, Pollution, and Survival

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Tecolote Publications, 1994 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 318 pages
The first book ever to explore the multi-faceted impact of increasing size in humans. The Truth About Your Height is receiving wide national and international recognition as a pioneer work on how increasing human stature affects health, resources, the environment, and survival of the human race. Extensive information is given on healthful nutritional and exercise practices. It also describes the role of height and other factors on how long one will live. Harper's Magazine, Vice President Al Gore, and many scientists have given it high praise.

"This is an incredible book... absolutely phenomenal... an encyclopedia of knowledge about the human body... I just can't put it down". -- Dr. Heigh, M.D., Host "Talking Health"

"An excellent book for all to read who care about the human anatomy, the effects of people's size on health and performance, the world population explosion, and the preservation of our environment". -- Dr. Benjamin H. Alexander, Ph.D. President, Drew Dawn Enterprises, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education, Washington, D.C.

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Book Reviewer Comments on The Truth About Your Height
“Samaras has achieved a new plateau. This widely-read author and researcher has produced a pivotal book that documents
the increase in size of both men and women over previous generations, and extrapolates the consequences.”
“A scholarly work with built-in amusement. All 300+ pages are unavoidably interesting.”
Source: The Book Reader, Summer 1994, p. 60.
“Here’s a first of kind book that is being discussed all over the world, .....Over 24 scientists, physicians, and fitness-sports professionals have favorably communicated on it’s provocative findings.”
“Dr. Elrick, M.D., has described the book as” ”... a goldmine of information and an invaluable reference source.”
“Alan Yankus of the Oregon Department of education summarized the importance of the book this way: “What I have discovered is a book...packed with some fascinating information that affects every person on the planet--even if you’re not interested or don’t care, it still affects you.”
Source: Arts Monthly, June 1995, p. 28.
“The work is exhaustively referenced. Samaras is an accomplished writer and his book holds the reader’s attention from start to finish.”
Source: American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists. Boones Mill, Virginia.
“So Tom’s book then presents information for all people, all heights and all sizes for increased efficiency, better living and a longer, better life. is important for everyone.”
Source. Dr. Ron Anjard, The Truth About Your Height, Kisan World, oct. 1994, vol. 21, p. 47.
“The media is interested in this book because it deals with an unprecedented exploration of what is the best size for humans.”
“His conclusions are as radical as when scientists told people the world is round and everyone thought it was flat.”
“....Dr. Alexander, former University President and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Education, said: : This well-written book... should have been written years ago.”
Source: The Arts Monthly, Aug 1994, Vol. 8, p. 11.
“This is a well written and excellently researched book.
It uses various studies to show how tallness is not always advantageous for the individual and the planet.”
Source: A.E. Osborne, Big is not always better, Customer Review, The Truth About Your Height, Amazon.Com, Nov. 30, 2007.
“Samaras' book is an invaluable and rare resource for anyone wanting to explore the truths and myths around human height.”
“For myself as a short person who had been given the message that my body was inferior this book gave me the essential tools to turn that view around and take my body back.”
Source: A customer, A much needed objective and empowering voice,
Customer Review, The Truth About Your Heightr,, Sep. 17, 2000.
"This is an incredible book... absolutely phenomenal... an encyclopedia of knowledge about the human body... I just can't put it down". -- Dr. Heigh, M.D., Host "Talking Health"
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The Hidden Faces of Short and Tall Stature
Body Size and Human Performance
How Height Weight and Nutrition Affect Your Health and Longevity

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