The Life and Letters of Raja Rammohun Roy

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Sophia Dobson Collet
Classic Press, 1914 - India - 279 pages
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Page 89 - Foundation for true interpreting, when he learned from it that, " in every nation, he that feareth God and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him.
Page 58 - I feel persuaded, that by separating from the other matters contained in the New Testament, the moral precepts found in that book, these will be more likely to produce the desirable effect of improving the hearts and minds of men of different persuasions and degrees of understanding.
Page 74 - I am obliged to conclude that I shall not live to see liberty universally restored to the nations of Europe, and Asiatic nations, especially those that are European colonies, possessed of a greater degree of the same blessing than what they now enjoy.
Page 250 - This, together with my known sentiments on that subject, having produced a coolness between me and my immediate kindred, I proceeded on my travels, and passed through different countries chiefly within, but some beyond, the bounds of Hindoostan, with a feeling of great aversion to the establishment of the British power in India.
Page xlix - Sovereign in England and his Council, the real condition of his Majesty's faithful subjects in this distant part of his dominions and the treatment they experience from the local Government : since such information cannot in future be conveyed to England, as it has heretofore been, either by the translations...
Page 156 - FROM personal experience, I am impressed with the conviction that the greater our intercourse with European gentlemen, the greater will be our improvement in literary, social, and political affairs...
Page 149 - Hindoos as an imperative duty; on the contrary, a life of purity and retirement on the part of the widow is more especially and preferably inculcated, and by a vast majority of that people throughout India the practice is not kept up nor observed: in some extensive districts it does not exist; in those in which it has been most frequent, it is notorious that, in many instances, acts of atrocity have been perpetrated, which have been shocking to the Hindoos themselves, and in their eyes unlawful and...
Page 124 - I regret to say that the present system of religion adhered to by the Hindus is not well calculated to promote their political interest.
Page 36 - The consequence of my long and uninterrupted researches into religious truth has been that I have found the doctrines of Christ more conducive to moral principles, and better adapted for the use of rational beings, than any other which have come to my knowledge...
Page xlviii - After this rule and ordinance shall have been carried into execution, your memorialists are extremely sorry to observe, that a complete stop will be put to the diffusion of knowledge, and the consequent mental improvement now going on, either by translations into the popular dialect of this country from the learned languages of the east, or by the circulation of the literary intelligence drawn from foreign publications.

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