Transmission And Distribution

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Technical Publications, 2008 - 640 pages
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Structure of electric power system: Various levels such as generation, Transmission and Distribution; HVDC and EHV AC transmission: Comparison of economics of transmission, Technical performance and Reliability, Application of HVDC transmission system. FACTS (qualitative treatment only): TCSC, SVC, STATCOM, UPFC.Transmission Line ParametersParameters of Single and Three phase transmission lines with Single and Double circuits: Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance of solid, Stranded and Bundled conductors: Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical spacing and Transposition: application of Self and Mutual GMD; Skin and Proximity effects; Interference with neighbouring communication circuits. Typical configuration, Conductor types and Electrical parameters of 400, 220, 110, 66 and 33 kV lines. Modelling and Performance of Transmission LinesClassification of lines: Short line, Medium line and Long line; Equivalent circuits, Attenuation constant, Phase constant, Surge impedance; Transmission efficiency and Voltage regulation; Real and Reactive power flow in lines: Power-angle diagram : Surge-impedance Loading, loadability limits based on thermal loading. Angle and Voltage stability considerations; Shunt and Series compensation; Ferranti effect and Corona loss.Insulators and CablesInsulators: Types, voltage distribution in insulator string and grading, Improvement of string efficiency. Underground cables: Constructional features of LT and HT cables, Capacitance, Dielectric stress and Grading, Thermal characteristics.Substation, Grounding System and Distribution SystemTypes of substations; Bus-bar arrangements; Substation bus schemes: Single bus scheme, Double bus with Double breaker, Double bus with Single breaker, Main and Transfer Bus, Ring Bus, Breaker-and-a-Half with Two main buses, Double bus-bar with Bypass isolators.Resistance of grounding systems: Resistance of driven rods, Resistance of grounding point electrode, Grounding grids; Design principles of substation grounding system; Neutral grounding.Radial and Ring-main distributors; Interconnectors; AC distribution: AC distributor with Concentrated load; Three-phase four-wire distribution system; Sub-mains; Stepped and Tapered mains.

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18D C Distributor with Distributed Load 1
Chapter2 Transmission Line Parameters 21 to 294
Chapter 3 Performance of Jransmission Lines 31 to 3 132
Examples with Solutions 3 96
Review Questions 3 130
Review Questions 568
Chapter 8 Mechanical Design of Transmission Lines 8 1 to 8

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