Transmission Lines And Waveguide

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Technical Publications, 2008 - Wave guides - 428 pages
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Transmission Line Theory Different types of transmission lines, Definition of characteristic impedance, The transmission line as a cascade of T-Sections, Definition of propagation constant.General solution of the transmission line, The two standard forms for voltage and current of a line terminated by an impedance, Physical significance of the equation and the infinite line, The two standard forms for the input impedance of a transmission line terminated by an impedance, Meaning of reflection coefficient, Wavelength and velocity of propagation.Waveform distortion, Distortionless transmission line, The telephone cable, Inductance loading of telephone cables.Input impedance of lossless lines, Reflection on a line not terminated by Z0, Transfer impedance, Reflection factor and reflection loss, T and section equivalent to lines. The Line at Radio Frequencies Standing waves and standing wave ratio on a line, One eighth wave line, The quarter wave line and impedance matching, The half wave line.The circle diagram for the dissipationless line, The Smith chart, Application of the Smith chart, Conversion from impedance to reflection coefficient and vice-versa. Impedance to admittance conversion and viceversa, Input impedance of a lossless line terminated by an impedance, Single stub matching and double stub matching.Guided Waves Waves between parallel planes of perfect conductors, Transverse electric and transverse magnetic waves, Characteristics of TE and TM Waves, Transverse electromagnetic waves, Velocities of propagation, Component uniform plane waves between parallel planes, Attenuation of TE and TM waves in parallel plane guides, Wave impedances.Rectangular Waveguides Transverse magnetic waves in rectangular wave guides, Transverse electric waves in rectangular waveguides, Characteristic of TE and TM waves, Cut-off wavelength and phase velocity, Impossibility of TEM waves in waveguides, Dominant mode in rectangular waveguide, Attenuation of TE and TM modes in rectangular waveguides, Wave impedances, Characteristic impedance, Excitation of modes.Circular Wave Guides and Resonators Bessel functions, Solution of field equations in cylindrical co-ordinates, TM and TE waves in circular guides, Wave impedances and characteristic impedance, Dominant mode in circular waveguide, Excitation of modes, Microwave cavities, Rectangular cavity resonators, Circular cavity resonator, Semicircular cavity resonator, Q factor of a cavity resonator for TE101 mode.

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build upon earlier studies which is important in understanding the complex subject like
and Waveguides The book will be very much useful not only to the students but also
Examples with Solutions 1
University Examples with Solutions 1
Transmission Line at Radio Frequency 21 to 2114
the explanation of simple method of the analysis of transmission line at ratio frequency
Examples with Solutions 2 66
Examples from Univesity Question Papers 2
U A Baktki
Review Questions 2113
Rectangular Waveguides
waveguides It includes detail derivation of the field components of TM TE and TEM waves
Chapters Resonators 61 to 616

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