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Wiley India Pvt. Limited, 2007 - 808 pages
Market_Desc: ˇ Students in graduate level coursesˇ Electrical Engineersˇ Computer Scientistsˇ Computer Architecture Designersˇ Circuit Designersˇ Algorithm Designersˇ System Designersˇ Computer Programmers in the Multimedia and Wireless Communications Industriesˇ VLSI System Designers

Special Features: This example-packed resource provides invaluable professional training for a rapidly-expanding industry. ˇ Presents a variety of approaches to analysis, estimation, and reduction of power consumption in order to help designers extend battery life.ˇ Includes application-driven problems at the end of each chapterˇ Features six appendices covering shortest path algorithms used in retiming, scheduling, and allocation techniques, as well as determining the iteration boundˇ The Author is a recognized expert in the field, having written several books, taught several graduate-level classes, and served on several IEEE boards

About The Book: This book complements the other Digital Signaling Processing books in our list, which include an introductory treatment (Marven), a comprehensive handbook (Mitra), a professional reference (Kaloupsidis), and others which pertain to a specific topic such as noise control. This graduate level textbook will fill an important niche in a rapidly expanding market.

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