Virat Hindu Identity: Concept and Its Power

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Har-Anand Publications Pvt. Limited, 2013 - Study Aids - 199 pages
In this book, the author has ventured to blend his experience in active politics as a practitioner with his long tenure as a Professor of Economics to offer the Indian citizen a recipe for restoring the nation's glory through a renaissance. The book focuses on Virat Hindu Identity as a weapon of mass national churning and upsurge in society, to make Hindus rise above their petty local, linguistic and caste loyalties and weld society to reflect the 'Virat Hindu Identity' of India's ancient unbroken civilization. He argues that the dismantling of the USSR into sixteen sovereign countries in 1991, and the balkanization of Yugoslavia into four in 1995, makes clear that mere political ideology cannot by itself create social cohesion and preserve national integrity. Nor can religion by itself be the glue to keep a people together as a nation, as demonstrated in Pakistan in 1971 and Indonesia recently. Racial unity also cannot be a sufficient adhesive for national integrity as shown by the prolonged conflicts in Sri Lanka and Nigeria, where a people of one race have been in civil war. This glue that has kept India's integrity is the Hindus' commitment based on a common feeling of Hinduness or Hindutva.

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