World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow!: The Scientific, Scriptural and Historical Evidence That Our Earth Is Hollow!

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014 - Science - 480 pages
World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow! is the volume you have been waiting for! At last, here stands revealed the secrets of that beautiful land beyond the poles discovered by United States Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd. The Contents page of World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow! reads like an advertisement of LOST and FOUND!: The Garden of Eden -- FOUND! The Land of the Lost Ten Tribes -- FOUND! The Origin of Flying Saucers -- FOUND! The Throne of David -- FOUND! Paradise -- FOUND! The City of Enoch -- FOUND! The Celestial Destiny of Our Hollow Earth, the scientific evidence including, The Auroras, Van Allen Radiation Belts and Earthquakes Prove Our Earth Is Hollow! -- plus 5 more revealing chapters which prove and establish with evidence upon evidence that Our Earth is INDEED Hollow and inhabited within by a race of SUPER GIANTS. They consider themselves the GUARDIANS of planet earth for the CREATOR and have been actively working to prevent us from blowing up the planet with nuclear weapons! Included also, are detailed instructions on how you can get there, also explained are the reasons why the discovery that our earth IS hollow has been kept hidden from the world and why now we MUST know about them. Upon this knowledge rests the freedom of the world! The REAL enemy is within our borders NOW!

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