Key to Success in Agriculture: Objective (MCQ's for JRF, SRF, NET & Other Competitive Exams)

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Scientific Publishers - Competition Tutor, May 1, 2017 - Technology & Engineering - 358 pages

 The knowledge on Agriculture is continuously improved, updated, and disseminated. It is also important that the review and inventory of the ‘State of the Art’ in agriculture objectives questions and best practices should be shared widely among agriculture practitioners, educators and scholars. Through Competitive Examinations, there is direct recruitment for admission and high position in our education system; the pattern followed is M.C.Q’s or Objective type questions in such examinations.

The book is a repository of more than 6,000 objective questions; which calls for quick answering for success within a specified period in the examinations. A sincere effort has been made by different authors to present them in most easy, short and understandable language for the benefit of students, teachers and those who are interested in Agriculture and Agricultural Extension.

Majorly, all different aspects of Agriculture Discipline are provided in the book, which are a part of various Agricultural Universities syllabi. This book will be of great service, to the students aiming for higher level competitive examination such as NET, ARS, JRF, SRF, UG and PG entrance examinations.


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Sir I kept order but I didn't get it till know


1 Agron 11 Introductory Agriculture and Principles of Agronomy Dr VB Bhalu
2 Agron 12 Field CropsI Dr VB Bhalu Dr RM Solanki
3 Agron 23 Field CropsII Rabi Dr V B Bhalu
4 Agron 35 Weed Management Dr R K Mathukia
5 Agron 57 Water Management including Micro Irrigation Dr PK Chovatia
6 Agron 69 Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture Dr PK Chavatia
7 Agron 68 Organic Farming Dr RK Mathukiya Dr VB Bhalu
8 Agron 811 Seed Production Technology Dr RK Mathukiya
34 PBG 66 Principles of Plant Biotechnology Dr DR Mehta
35 ENVS 61 Environmental Science Dr GU Kulkarni Dr AV Rajani
36 BSC 12 Introductory Crop Physiology Dr Rajiv Kumar
37 BSC 16 Introductory Botany Dr VJ Bhatiya Dr Rajiv Kumar
38 BSC 28 Growth and Development of Horticultural Crops Dr SB Chaudhari
39 NRMH 23 Environmental Sciences Dr VJ Bhatiya Dr Chandrakant Singh
40 FRT 36 Principles of Genetics Cytogenetics Dr Lata J Raval
41 FRT 44 Principles of Plant Breeding Dr Rajivkumar

9 Agron 812 Cultivation of Commercially Important Medicinal andAromatic Plants Dr BK Sagarika
10 Agron 813 Commercial Spices Production Dr BM Dabhi
11 AgMet 21 Agricultural Meteorology Prof MC Chopada Dr VB Bhallu
12 AgMet 82 Remote Sensing Geographical Information System GIS andLand Use Planning LUP Dr MC Chopada Dr VB Bhallu
13 Chemistry Ag Chem 11Introduction to Soil Science Prof PI Jetpara
14 AgChem 22 Soil Chemistry Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Prof PI Jetpara
15 Ag Chem 63 Manures Fertilizers and Agrochemicals Dr HM Zalawadia Prof PI Jetpara
16 Pl Path 11 Introductory Plant Pathology CM Bhaliya LF Akbari
17 AgMicro 21 Agricultural Microbiology UM Vyas LF Akbari
18 Pl Path 32 Principles of Plant Pathology KK Kanzariya IB Kapadiya
19 Pl Path53 Diseases of Field Crops and their Management LF Akbari KK Kanzariya
20 Pl Path 64 Introductory Nematology NG Mayani UM Vyas
21 PlPath 65 Diseases of Horticultural Crops and their Management Prof CM Bhaliya Dr LF Akbari
22 Ag Ento 31 Insect Morphology and Systematics Dr D M Jethva
23 Ag Ento 42 Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management includingBeneficial Insects Dr DM Jethva
24 Ag Ento 53 Pests of Field Crops and Stored Grain and their Management Dr MF Acharya
25 Ag Ent 64 Pests of Horticultural Crops and their Management Dr MF Acharya
26 Biochem 41 Biochemistry Dr UK Kandoliya Dr GV Marviya
27 PBG 11 Economic Botany Dr NB Patel
28 PBG 22 Principles of Genetics Dr Lata J Raval
29 PBG 33 Principles of Plant Breeding Dr DR Mehta
30 Pl Phy 31 Crop PhysiologyI Dr Rehana Niyaria Dr SB Chaudhari
31 PBG 44 Breeding FieldHorticulture Crops Dr NB Patel
32 PlPhy 42 Crop Physiology II Dr LK Sharma
33 PBG 55 Principles of Seed Technology Dr GU Kulkarni
51 Breeding of Vegetables Tuber and Spice crops Dr SB Chaudhari
43 FRT 65 Breeding of Fruit Crops Dr Rehana Niyaria Prof Darshana B Chaudhari andProf Parmeshvari K Chaudhari
44 Ag Engg 21 Fundamentals of Soil Water Conservation Engineering Dr R Yadav Prof VR Vagadia and Ms Geeta Tomar
45 Ag Engg32 Farm Power and Machinery Dr R Yadav Prof VR Vagadia and Ms Geeta Tomar
46 Ag Engg 64 Renewable Energy Prof VR Vagadia Dr R Yadav
47 Ag Engg 53 Protected Cultivation and Post Harvest Technology Dr R Yadav and VR Vagadia
Principles of Livestock Production and Management
50 Ag Econ 21 Principles of Agricultural Economics Dr NJ Ardeshna
51 AgEcon 32 Agril Marketing Trade and Price Dr BK Gadhavi
52 AgEcon 43 Agril Finance Cooperation Dr BK Gadhavi
53 Ag Econ 54 Fundamentals of AgriBusiness Management Dr SB Vekariya
54 Ag Econ 65 Production Economics and Farm Management Dr B Swaminathan
55 BSC 11 Introduction to Computer Dr Nadiyadara
56 AgStat 22 Agricultural Statistics Dr Nadiyadara
57 Ag Extn31 Dimension of Agricultural Extension Dr VJ Savaliya
58 Ag Extn53 Extension Methodologies for Transfer of AgriculturalTechnology Dr BN Kalsariya
59 Ag Extn 64 Entrepreneurship Development Dr B N Kalsariya
60 Ag Extn 86 Agricultural Journalism Dr BN Kalsariya
61 Ag Extn 88 Behavioural Skills Dr M K Jadeja
62 Horticulture Floriculture Dr DR Kanzaria HN Patel Dr ND Polara
63 Horticulture Fruit Science HN Patel Dr ND Polara
64 Maths 11 Mathematics Dr NJ Rankja and Prof OU Vadaviya
65 Horticulture Vegetables Science Dr DR Kanzaria Dr ND Polara Prof HN Patel
66 Horticulture General Horticulture Prof HN Patel Dr ND Polara

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About the author (2017)

B.N. Kalsariya

Dr. Bavbhai Nayabhai Kalsariya, born in 1966 at Talgajarda of Bhavnagar district of Gujarat State, a recipient of B.Sc. (Agri.), M. Sc. in Extension Education with first class in Gujarat Agricultural University and Ph. D. with first class in Junagadh Agricultural University. He has through brilliant academic record with area of specialization in Extension Education. At present, Dr. Bavbhai Nayabhai Kalsariya is working as Assistant Professor; Department of Agricultural Extension, College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh, Gujarat since 2012, with twenty two (22) Years of U.G., P.G. and agricultural school teaching experience at college of Agriculture. He has served and contributed in agricultural education, research and extension for 22 years. He has guided three (3) students for M.Sc. (Agri) and one (1) Ph.D. student. He has over thirty five (35) publications in national and international journals. He has attended 45 National and International Conferences, Seminar, Workshops, Training and Symposiums etc. He has published more than 1150 Popular Articles, three (3) Books, two (2) book chapters and 53 editing the books for farming communities etc. He is a recipients of GAAS Award -2014 (given by Gujarat Association for Agricultural Sciences, Ahmedabad.), three (3) posters presentation award and one (1) oral paper presentation award in discipline of Agricultural extension. He has Participation/organization of 62 agriculture fair (Krushi Mela), Organization of 281 farmers group meetings (Ratri Kedut Sabha) at various villages, Organization of 215 agricultural exhibitions at various villages to expose new farm technology in rural area, Provide on the spot 1161 guidance to the farmers / visitors regarding agril. problems at this campus, Organization of 16 special Seminars/ Symposiums/ Workshop (for farmers, Farm women, Extension workers / Staff ) Programmes at Sardar Smruti Kendra, JAU, Junagadh.

P.R. Kanani

Dr. P.R. Kanani Born on 1st April 1957. He obtained B.Sc. (Agri.) from N.M. College of Agriculture, Navsari and M.Sc. (Agri.) Extension Education from B.A. College of Agriculture, Anand with the recipient of I.C.A.R. Fellowship in the year 1982. He did Ph.D. (1988) from College of Agriculture, Junagadh. All the degrees he obtained from the Gujarat Agricultural University. Dr. Parshotambhai Ranchodbhai Kanani is working as Professor and Head; Department of Agricultural Extension, College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University, Gujarat since 2006, with thirty three (33) Years of U.G. and P.G. teaching experience at college of Agriculture. He has served and contributed in agricultural education, research and extension for 33 years. He has guided eighteen (18) students for M.Sc. (Agri) and five (5) Ph.D. students. He has over sixty three (63) publications in national and international journals. He has attended 25 National and International Conferences, Seminar, workshops and Symposiums etc. He has published 35 Popular Articles, Books and (Including book chapters) etc. He is a recipients of Sipani Krishi Anusandhan Farm Award -2007 (Asian Agri History Foundation), I.C.A.R. (J.R.F.) Award for M.Sc. (Agri.), GAAS Award, SRISTI Award. He was called as "Invited speaker" in the World Summit 2002 (WSSD) at Johannesburg by UNESCO and ICSU which took place during 26th Aug to 4th Sep.2002. He was also called as "Invited speaker" in the International Conference on "Bridging Scales and Epistemologies: Linking Local Knowledge with Global Science in Multi-scale Assessment" by Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Penang. Malaysia at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt which took place during March 17-20, 2004. He was called as “Invited speaker” for presenting his paper on "Indigenous Knowledge System in Saurashtra" in Asia- Regional Workshop organized by Center for Indian Knowledge System (CIKS), Chennai and Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT), Bangalore on Traditional knowledge System and Their Current Relevance and Applications July 3–5, 2006 at BANGALORE.

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