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 Following topics in Python programming languages are covered:

Python Introduction

Python Development Environment

Your First Python Program

Python Data Types And Operators

Python Conditional Statements

Python range and xrange

Python Loops

String Operations

Python Exception Handling

Python Functions

Python Modules

Python Date and Time

Python Multithreading

Python IO

Python os module

Python Data Structures

Python List

List Comprehension

Python Tuple

Python Dictionary

Python Set

Python Functional Programming

Python lambda functions

Python yield statement

Python Iterators and Generators

Python filter and map

Python Object Oriented Programming

Python Classes

Python Inheritance

Python Encapsulation

Python Polymorphism

Python Advanced

Operator Overloading

Python Decorators

Python Context Manager

Python static

Python pickle and unpickle

Python Properties

Python v2 vs v3


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About the author

 Mr. Shyam Bharath has over 10 years of experience working in Software Development Industry. He had a vision to start creating a website that can offer training material in one compendium / repository. Some of the challenges he is researching is on how to deliver a cost effective solution via Internet, that can replace an instructor led class or training or even a well reviewed book. He believes, that for starters a reasonable quality material is the way to begin and see where the road leads from there.

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