Advanced History of Medieval India

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Anmol Publications, Jan 1, 2003 - India - 1250 pages
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First Volume Of This Set Deals With The Foundation Of Muslim Rule In India With Conquest Of Sind And Multan And Subsequently Of Trans-Indus Region. The Last Phase, However Deals With The Bahmani Kingdom In The South Of India. The Theme Has Been Dealt With Chronologically, Viz. The Muslim Conquests Of Sind, Multan And Other Regions, The Slave Rulers, Ala-Ud-Din Khilji, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq, Firoz Tughlaq, Sayyid Dynasty, The Lodi Dynasty, The Administration During The Period, Development Of Education, Art And Architecture, Socio-Economic Condition, The Bhakti Movement, Sfism, Vijayanagar Kingdom And Bahmani Kingdom And Their Decline. Thus, It Gives A Glimpse Of The Period From 712 A.D. To 1525, A Year Prior To The Commencement Of The Mughal Rule In India In 1526 When The First Battle Of Panipat Was Fought. Second Volume Deals With The Ascendancy Of Babur As The Emperor Of India In 1526 When He Achieved Success In The First Battle Of Panipat; The Achievements Of Humayun, Sher Shah And Akbar, The Great. The System Of Government, Both At The Centre And In The Provinces, The Relationship With Rajputs, Army System, Development Of Education, Art And Literature, And The Socio-Economic Life Have Been Vividly Described.Third Volume Covers The Period Of The Eminent Mughal Emperors Who Succeeded Akbar, The Great After 1605. Their Rule Lasted For About One And A Half Century And During This Period They Had To Face Much Opposition From Several Regions Of India. Numerous Revolts Were Crushed By Them. But These Factors Weakened Their Position In The Long Run. It Is Obvious That So Long As Aurangzeb Remained At The Helm Of Affairs, The Administrative Machinery Was Geared Up In A Nice Manner. But With His Death In 1707, We Find Weak Rulers On The Throne Who Failed To Strengthen Their Position On The Throne. This Factor Afforded A Better Opportunity To The British To Establish Their Supremacy In India.

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